TFI: French Language Profiiency Test (Test de francais international)

The TFI: French Language Proficiency Test (Test de francais international) test is a measure French-language proficiency test non-native speakers of French. The TFI test measures day-to-day French skills of candidates and depicts how well they can communicate in French in academic and professional settings. The test does not necessitate specialized knowledge beyond that of a person who uses French in work activities on a daily basis.

The test comprises two sections - Listening and Reading - with the audio component of the Listening section including both French and Canadian-French accents.

TFI test results are used by corporate, language programs, government organizations, and educational institutions.  Twenty-eight days should lapse before an applicant retakes the TFI test. If a candidate takes the test more than once in 28 days, the test scores will not be valid and a refund will not be offered. Applicants will have to pay again if they plan to take the test once 28 days have exceeded.

Where is the TFI Test Offered?

The TFI test is available all through the globe. Testing can be arranged through business corporations, language schools or other organizations that ask job applicants or employees to take the TFI test. If TFI test is not available through a specific organization, contact the ETS on-site testing services to register and learn when and where to take the test. To know more about the TFI testing centers, visit the local ETS Preferred Network office near you. Website:

TFI Format

TFI is a standardized paper-and-pencil test, which contains 180 multiple- choice questions, which are further sub-divided into 2 sections-
  1. Listening
  2. Reading

    Each section is split into 3 parts. The test lasts for about 2hours and 50 minutes (inclusive of administrative work). The actual testing time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Section I: Listening Comprehension (Comprehension Orale)
The Listening Comprehension section comprises of 90 questions and also involves an audio piece. This section is split into 3 parts-
- Questions
- Dialogues
- Conversations

Candidates are required to listen to several questions and answers, short dialogues and discussions or talks recorded in French, and have to respond to questions based on what they listen.
  • Duration: 42 minutes
Section II: Reading Comprehension (Comprehension Ecrite)
The Reading Comprehension comprises 90 questions presented in written format in the test booklet. This section is split into 3 parts-
- Text Completion
- Incomplete Sentences
- Single Passages

Candidates are required to read and understand the information given and based on that information, candidates are required to respond to each question by marking the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on a separate answer sheet.
  • Duration: 68 minutes

Registration for TFI

You can register for TFI test at your local ETS office. A list of local ETS representatives can be found at ETS-TFI weblink
If there is no ETS representative in your country, contact at:

Test de francais international
Educational Testing Service
1425 Lower Ferry Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08618

When registering for the test, you are supposed to use exactly the name as written on your identification document which you will be showing at the test center. The primary ID can be passport, driver’s permit, or state, national or military identification with photograph and signature. A Student ID is also accepted.

TFI Fees

The fee for TFI test varies worldwide. To know about the fee in your region, contact your local ETS representative.

TFI Results and Scoring

The local ETS Preferred Network office provides scoring services for any TFI test. The test results are communicated to the candidate's employer or school in the form of a score roster.
Test scores show how easily the candidate can communicate in French language with others in everyday life and at workplace.

The Score Roster provides information for comparing the candidate’s performance. Each Score Roster includes-
  • Individual scores of both the sections: Listening Comprehension as well as Reading Comprehension, and the total scores
  • Total Scores obtained from the latest testing session
  • Scores within the industry and country with which the client is affiliated
  • Scores obtained in all testing sessions within the same institution
  • Scores within the country with which the client is affiliated
Interpreting Scores: The scores are obtained by the number of questions answered correctly. The number of correct answers in each section - Listening and Reading, is converted to a number on a scale ranging from 5 to 495. The Listening and Reading section scores are added together, thereby giving a total test score on a scale ranging from 10 to 990.  There is no penalty for incorrect answers.

The TFI Score Report is sent to the candidate within 5 working days of the test administration.

TFI Certificate of Achievement

The TFI Certificate of Achievement is an acknowledgement of a candidate’s French proficiency. To get the certificate, the applicant needs to contact the local ETS preferred vendor.

The Certificate of Achievement includes
  • Candidate’s name
  • Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension score
  • Total test score
  • Test date and location
  • Administering organization

Special Arrangements

For Special test arrangements, the candidate must take permission from the local ETS representative office at least 6 weeks in advance of the examination appointment. The special arrangements as a result of medical disability or other reasons are made available only if the candidate provides the evidence to back up the request.
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