Standardized Language Test For Study and Work

To gain admission to a foreign Universitity/College/Institution, you need to demonstrate proficiency in your programme’s language of instruction. Also to survive in a foreign land you need to be proficient in the language of country to where you are willing to migrate. The language proficiency exams ascertain whether you have the language abilities necessary to succeed.

The purpose of the Language Proficiency Tests is to provide a consistent and standardized measurement of an applicant’s proficiency. Many post-secondary institutions use standardized language test score to identify potential candidates

In general a language skill test consists of not only reading and writing skills, but also speaking/oral and listening skills of prospective students. Before you apply to a foreign institution you will need proficiency score in the language of instruction spoken in that part of the world.

Also if you are going overseas for work language test score is essential when applying for visa.

In some cases, you may need to possess score in a standardized language test score and score in local language. Generally this happens if you are migrating to a non English speaking nation. To help you in study and work overseas we have compiled here details of various language testing systems. For more details click on the link of your interests below.

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