Preparation Tips and Tricks for SAT

SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test is an undergraduate level test specifically to take to admission in the USA colleges. USA being the first choice of studying abroad for most of the students across the world, so the SAT has also become an essential requirement. It's  conducted in 175  countries outside the US and international test takers can choose from 1000 test centers around the world. You can gauge the popularity of this test from the statistics itself and that's why is in our list of international standardized tests.
SAT is a reasoning test which assesses the abilities of students for various sections- Writing, Reading comprehension, and Maths. SAT test is scored out of 2400 and is a per-requisite for most of the US colleges.

Being an important test, it is necessary that you prepare in an planned and organized manner. It is necessary that you make a strategy and follow it. We at have made a list of tips/tricks that you can follow and crack the exam successfully.

The first section is always the essay, and the last section is the writing section. In between, the academic content areas can come in any order.

Writing-This section is divided in to two parts:
  • An essay
  • Multiple-choice questions
This sections assesses, a students ability to
  • Recognize errors in sentence(s).
  • Improving sentence(s) by checking grammatical errors and the sentence structure.
  • Answering the questions at the end of the comprehension.
  • Editing in comprehension.
  • Read a lot of books.
  • Make a list common topics, and practice writing.
  • Develop creativity in writing.
  • Devote time in building your vocabulary.
Critical reading: This section comprises of all multiple choice questions. The section can have one of the two formats:
  • Completing the Sentence(s)
  • Reading the passage. The passage can be from different subjects.
The main idea behind this section is to assess your various skills .
  • Reading Skills
  • Ability to identify the underlying idea of the comprehension.
  • Meaning of words in the comprehension.
  • Structure and function of sentences.
  • Author's approach for writing the comprehension.
  • Read lot of books   
  • Develop the habit of taking notes.
  • Develop vocabulary.
  • Read the comprehension carefully and try to find the underlying idea of the comprehension.
  • Highlight the important points of the comprehension. This will give you an idea of the answers for the questions to follow.
Mathematics: This section comprises of two sections.
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Student-produced responses
The questions assess a student's ability to apply mathematical concepts and to use data literacy skills in interpreting tables,  graphs and charts.. They cover skills in four major areas:
  • Geometry and measurement
  • Algebra and functions
  • Numbers and operations
  • Probability, statistics, and data analysis
  • Do lot of practice.
  • Try doing calculation in mind and eliminating the choices to arrive at the answer.
  • Practice converting the word problems into mathematical expressions.
  • Use your practical knowledge and judgement.
  • Use calculator.
It is known fact that in the SAT question paper, the order of the question is easy to difficult. Try attempting the easy ones first. SAT exam is all dedication and hard work. With the right planning and a positive approach one can pass SAT exam successfully and choose the best college.

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