Advanced Level Norwegian Language Test : Bergenstesten

The Bergenstesten or Test of Norwegian as a second language is a language test which measures the candidate's mastery of the Norwegian language. Norwegian test- advanced level is organized and supervised by Norsk spraktest, the collaboration between the Folkeuniversitetet and University of Bergen.

The advanced level Norwegian language test -"Bergenstesten" is for students applying for admission to higher education institutions in Norway. Students can appear for this test in Norway, as well as outside Norway with a condition that a Norwegian diplomatic representative or a university with a senior lecturer in Norwegian is ready to conduct the test. The test is held once in abroad, while in Norway it is held three times a year.
The test comprises of 2 sections: Both the written and oral tests are held independently on different dates, three times a year.

Written Test: The written test is designed for international students who wish to apply at Norwegian institutions, as considerably as for Norwegian citizens who have graduated from secondary schools overseas and for job applicants in Norway. The written test is split into two parts: Part 1 includes Section 1, 2 and 3 and Part 2 includes Section 4 and 5.

Oral Tests: The oral test is for healthcare workforce and other foreigners who are required to demonstrate their Norwegian communication skills at advanced levels, when applying for studies or occupation in Norway.

Bergenstest Format

Written Test
The written test comprises of 5 parts. To validate the exam, a candidate must pass the 5 exercises. If he/she fails even one, he/she will have to sit for the entire test a second time.:
  1. Reading Comprehension: In this part, 3 texts are provided. The first text is missing words and you have to find which is the missing word out of the three choices given. The next two texts are articles, and based on these articles you are required answer a few questions. The text is expository, mainly about historical happenings.
  2. Listening Comprehension: In this part, 40 short dialogues or monologues are given and candidates need to listen to them and answer questions accordingly.
  3. Restitution: In this part, an audio interview of an individual about his career or his daily life is presented. Candidates are required to give a synopsis of what they hear, guided by plan they are given beforehand.
  4. Grammar, Vocabulary and Expressions:  This part comprises of 20 questions that test the grammatical skills and vocabulary of the candidates.
  5. Written Production: In this part, a topic is given, mainly social or political, and candidates are required to write a piece of 300 words on that topic.
Oral Tests
The test is held thrice and is organized separately. The oral test assesses a candidate’s spoken language skills and proficiency level to communicate in Norwegian language in any settings. The tests comprises of:
  1. Understanding: Ability to comprehend the intended meaning of the spoken language.
  2. Spoken production: Ability to convey the point of views on a topic or subject with appropriate reasoning.
  3. Interaction and Discussion: Ability to communicate and talk about any topic or issue with a conversation partner.
  4. Use of language functions: Ability to use language attributes such as: communicate, elucidate and validate.
  5. Language skills: Diction and intonation, syntactic and semantic structures, lexicon, fluency, and so on are tested.

Results and Scoring

Written test: The written test is graded as “Pass”( Bestatt), “Fail (Ikke bestatt)” or “Happy pass” (Godt bestatt). The test and its grading system are closely related to the European framework for languages (CEFR), in Norwegian referred to as Rammeverket.

“Pass” on each test is equivalent to level B2, while “’Happy Pass”’ denotes level C1.

The Overall result is determined by the 5 parts. You are required to pass at least three of the five components to obtain a “’Pass”’ result. The restitution and written production parts are not corrected against an answer sheet, but according to a criterion set. To pass with ‘Congratulations’, a score over 75% is needed. If you receive three congratulations out of five, you’ll get a diploma stating “Very Good”, or "High Pass". A certificate is issued 5 weeks after the test date.

Oral Test: The oral test results are marked as “’Pass”’, “’Fail”’ and “’Happy Passing”’. ‘“Pass”’ indicates 500 points, while the “’Good Pass”’ indicates 600 points. An accredited test certificate is sent to the candidate by the people’s university- Norwegian language test, two weeks after the test date.

Registration & Fees

You can register for the written test ONLINE. The fee varies by location and year. Check the official website to know more about the registration and payment details. Registration Link
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