GRE Success Tips

GRE is standardized test for Graduate School Admission. Apart from Europe, Americas etc test is also getting recognition worldwide. Universities and University Schools consider GRE as one of the measuring factor towards Graduate School Success. Slowly its becoming one test for all graduate school admission. Now business schools and law schools also accept GRE test score.
The success in GRE not depends on how much you remember from past years. Indeed GRE measures how much knowledge you can apply from previous years of studies. Success in GRE is not a single day affair. There is no quick fix formula. Remember more does not mean that whether you will qualify or not. Application of knowledge in the real world scenario is the key towards GRE success.
GRE is available in two formats; GRE General and GRE Subject. While GRE General is widely accepted GRE program some schools may also ask for GRE Subject Test Score. Check with your school in which you are interested to know exact details.
How much you should study or how many hours you will truly spend on GRE preparation is not fixed. It depends on many factors like in which areas you are strong and in which areas you are average or below. Mind it, there is no scope for average students in GRE but do not worry you can improve. To help test takers in GRE success, the GRE Board offers free study materials, sample tests and mock tests. A mock test is like real test conducted under examination conditions. This test indicates where you stand in the queue.
Candidates worldwide take GRE for graduate school admission. You need to answer accurately. Even one wrong answer may cost you dearly and diminish the chances of joining a dream graduate school.
While preparing GRE understanding of subject matter is the key, on the exam day what matters is how fast you can understand a question and deliver the answer. This is why you must take as many mock test as possible before appearing the real GRE test. The exam day is also a measure of how fast and accurate you can take prompt decisions.
Average students can get GRE Success with 18 months of regular 4-6 hours of studies. However, this criteria largely. Its not a sure shot formula. Following given some tips to prepare for GRE
Decide your test dates: If you are first time GRE test taker do not book appointment for the next nearest. Indeed before you book the test check GRE Syllabus, Past Year Question Paper, and ask yourself how much time you truly need for preparation. Book GRE Appointment for next best test and that will be your day.
Know the syllabus and test pattern: GRE is highly competitive examination. Level of questions asked are very high. Scan past years GRE questions to understand what kind of questions you may expect on GRE test day.
Plan Your Budget: GRE is not free. You need to submit GRE test. However, in special cases you can apply for GRE test waiver. If you are in need for test fee waiver, apply early.
Know your schools: You are the best Judge of your capabilities. Take mock test as many as you can or may be 5 or 10. Look your score and find out probable university schools to which you can apply. Mind the gap, MBA is not synonymous to Harvard. Its the teachers and taught who make the difference to an academic setting. Chose best schools that match to your expected score. Also you can additional score report to institutions after GRE score release.
To know more about GRE, test pattern, syllabus, resources and beyond read GRE: A Hallmark of Skills for Graduate Program and Fellowship
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