iTEP Business Test for Industry Employment

The iTEP Business Score is used by business houses for screening, evaluating return on investment, progress and promotion decisions, benchmarking and streamlining. The test is offered in two formats; iTEP Business Plus and iTEP Business Core

iTEP Business Plus test your English skills in five areas i.e.  grammar, reading, listening, writing, and speaking; The iTEP Business Core measure English Skills in three area i.e. grammar, listening and reading.

iTEP Business Test Administration

Corporations can encourage candidates and employees to take the iTEP Business Test on any computer which is suitable to them. They can conduct an iTEP Business Test within office. Also test takers can write iTEP Business at a certified test center.

iTEP Business Test Content

A. Grammar (Structure) — 10 minutes/ one part
Part 1. This section is comprised of twenty-five multiple-choice questions, each of which tests the examinee’s familiarity with key features of English structure. This section includes a range of content from simple to complex, as well as both beginning and advanced vocabulary. Each type of question is preceded by an on-screen example

B. Listening — 20 minutes/ three parts
Part 1. Four high-beginning to low-intermediate level short conversations of two to three sentences, each followed by one multiple-choice question
Part 2. One two- to three-minute intermediate-level conversation, followed by four multiple-choice questions.Part 3. One four-minute upper level-lecture, followed by six multiple-choice questions.

C. Reading — 20 minutes/ two parts
Part 1. One intermediate-level passage of about 250 words in length, followed by four multiple-choice questions.
Part 2. One upper-level paragraph of about 450 words in length, followed by six multiple-choice questions.

D. Writing — 25 minutes/ two parts
Part 1. The examinee is given five minutes to write a 50-75 word note on a supplied topic, geared to the low-intermediate level.
Part 2. The examinee is given 20 minutes to write a 175-225 word piece expressing and supporting his or her opinion on an upper-level written topic.

E. Speaking — 5 minutes/ two parts (plus one minute warm-up section)
Part 1. The examinee hears and reads a short question geared to low-intermediate level, then has 30 seconds to prepare a spoken response and 45 seconds to speak.
Part 2. The examinee hears a brief upper-level statement presenting two sides of an issue, then is asked to express his or her thoughts on the topic, with 45 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak.

iTEP Business Test Duration

The iTEP Business Plus is a 90 minute test. While iTEP Business takes 60 minutes. This also includes 10 minutes of preparation time.

List of iTEP Business Corporate Partners

Business organizations use iTEP Business Score to measure English proficiency of non native English speakers. The test score is acceptable worldwide.

Here is list of iTEP Business Test Corporate Partners:
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