iTEP Slate Plus and iTEP Slate Core English Proficiency Test

The iTEP Slate is a test to measure English proficiency of non-native English speakers seeking admission in an English setting.  The test is available in two versions; iTEP Slate Plus and iTEP Slate Core. iTEP Slate Plus tests grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The test score is used by iTEP Slate Partner Schools for admission. iTEP Slate Core ask questions in grammar, listening and reading. For internal assessment any of the test score may be utilized.

iTEP Slate Test Administration

The iTEP Slate Plus is offered online through certified test centers. The iTEP Slate Core can be administered online at a private institution; this test is also available as paper based test.

iTEP Slate Test Duration

The iTEP Slate lasts upto 90 minutes; the iTEP Slate Core last upto 60 minutes. This also includes 10 minutes preparation time.

List of schools accepting iTEP Slate Score

iTEP Slate score is valid across world for admission and academic assessment. Here is list of iTEP Slate Partner Schools:

iTEP Slate Prep

iTEP is a test of English proficiency of non native English speakers. Your Slate Test performance is depicted on a 0 to 6 point scale. More grade point means the better your English skills. Systematic preparation may increase your performance and grades. To prepare better for iTEP Slate here is official iTEP Slate Sample Test:
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