iTEP Conversation for Work

iTEP Conversation helps corporations in making hiring and promotion decisions of non native English speakers. This test is helpful when an employer want to know conversation skills in English of a non native English speakers.  Normally the test is offered within business premises. Following given iTEP Conversation Test Format / iTEP Conversation Test Structure

iTEP Conversation Test Structure

  • A Opening Questions — 2 minutes/ one part Test-taker asked to introduce him/herself and speak about friends and family.
  • Short Passage Reading — 1 minute/ one part Test-taker is asked to read an intermediate-level passage of approximately 85 words.
  • Short Answer — 1 minute/ one part Test-taker is asked to answer three questions about an informal, everyday topic.
  • Photos A & B — 1 minute/ two photos Test-taker is shown photos and is asked to answer three brief questions about them.
  • Documents — 1 minute/ two documents Test-taker is asked to answer three questions based on a document presented on the screen.
  • Topic Discussion — 2 minutes/ one part Test-taker is asked about a topic and given one minute to prepare a minute-long response offering their personal opinion.
  • Agree or Disagree? — 2 minutes/ one part Two different sides of an issue are presented; the test-taker is asked to give a one-minute response on the issue presented.

iTEP Conversation Test Duration

To complete task in iTEP Conversation Test you are given 30 minutes.

List of corporations accepting iTEP Conversation

Corporations worldwide need to know your English proficiency if you need to work in an English setting or most of the clients are supposed to come from English speaking countries. The iTEP Conversation helps companies in making right hiring decisions. Here is list of corporations accepting iTEP Conversation:
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