iTEP Hospitality For Tourism, Hotel and Aviation Etc

The iTEP Hospitality is specially designed test for hospitality business like airlines and hotels etc. The people working with hospitality businesses often need to communicate in English. For the employees and candidates whose fist language is not English the iTEP Hospitality works as a benchmark of quality. At the same time test score helps hiring managers in making better hiring decisions. The test is graded within 24 hours

iTEP Hospitality Test Structure

The iTEP Hospitality has two sections i.e. Listening and Speaking. The test serves the purpose to gauge the communication skills of non native English speakers for hospitality industry.

iTEP Hospitality Test Sites

The iTEP Hospitality Test is valid measure of English proficiency of non native English speakers. The employers of hospitality industry e.g. tourism, hotel and aviation etc recognizes iTEP Hospitality. The test is offered in business houses itself.

iTEP Hospitality Test Duration

The iTEP Hospitality is a 30 minute examination. Test score is published in 24 hours.

List of clients accepting iTEP Hospitality

Clients worldwide counts on iTEP Hospitality when English proficiency of candidates and employees comes into question. Here is list of iTEP Hospitality Clients (
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