Tips for GRE Preparation

Preparation for GRE depends a lot  upon the time available. Early planning gives you ample time to understand the test and prepare thoroughly. If you have decided to go ahead with GRE, the first step in this direction is to understand the structure of the test and their aim. has come up with some tips/techniques, which can help you prepare for the test. While preparing for GRE or any test, it is necessary that the preparation is done in organized manner with a positive approach.

The GRE, Graduate Record Examination measures critical thinking, verbal reasoning, analytical writing skills and quantitative reasoning that have been acquired over a period of time.

The different sections of GRE are :

Verbal Reasoning: The Verbal Reasoning section measures your ability to:-
  • Analyze the comprehension.
  • Assess the main idea behind the comprehension.
  • Highlight important points
  • Understand relationships among words and among concepts
  • Summarize text
  • Word meanings
  • Do a lot of reading.
  • Practice conversation and try using different words every time you converse.
  • Build Vocabulary. Every time you come across a new word, immediately look for it in the dictionary.
  • Start thinking in real English
Quantitative Reasoning: The Quantitative Reasoning section measures your ability to:
  • Solve mathematical problems
  • Understand quantitative information
  • Interpret and analyze quantitative information
  • Application of basic mathematical skills
  • Application of elementary mathematical concepts of algebra, arithmetic, probability, statistics and geometry.
  • Assess quantitative reasoning ability.
  • Develop the practice of doing calculations mentally.
  • Do lot of practice.
  • Use your judgement to answer the question. Your judgement being the best guide.
  • Practice converting the word problems into mathematical expressions.
  • If chosen to appear for the paper based version of the exam, then practice using calculator.
Analytical Writing : The Analytical Writing section measures your ability to:
  • To express ideas clearly and effectively.
  • To write a balanced and focused article.
  • Check on the claims made and related evidences.
  • Assess your command on the language.
  • Do a lot of reading
  • Practice writing
  • Be creative in writing
  • Build a vocabulary
  • Pay attention on developing grammar.
  • Develop the habit of rechecking, every time you finish writing an article, check for grammatical and other errors.

Modified Versions of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning Questions

The test you take may include questions that are modified versions of published questions or of questions you have already seen on the test. Some modifications are substantial; others are less apparent.

Even if a question appears to be similar to a question you have already seen, it may in fact be different and have a different answer. Pay careful attention to the wording of each question.

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