Study and Living in Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein is located at the heart of Europe. Studying in the Principality of Liechtenstein is an experience pupils should look forward to.  Students who wish to study abroad in Liechtenstein must consider the following things:

Tuition Fees 

Tuition fees in Liechtenstein vary depending on the institution and course of study.  Generally, tuition fees in Liechtenstein do not exceed € 4000 per academic year. The cost of study at the public university of Liechtenstein is CHF 850 per semester. 


Following housing options are available to international students who wish to study abroad in Liechtenstein:

Hall of Residence: The most common and popular housing option for international students in Liechtenstein is hall of residence provided by the institution chosen. Hall of Residence helps to meet fellow students and get student support. 

Private Accommodation: Students can find the private accommodation through the estate agents. The price varies depending upon the size, location and facilities.

Living Costs

The cost of living in Liechtenstein varies on individual basis.  The minimum expected costs of living for students living in Liechtenstein amounts to around CHF 1,500 per month.


Liechtenstein has an excellent and well-developed network of public transport. It has well maintained roads. Cycling is popular in the country.
Railways connect Liechtenstein to Austria and Switzerland, with four stations through Liechtenstein. One can travel in and around the country easily by bus or train. Also, students up to the age of 25 years get price discounts on travel. 

LIEmobil Bus: The bus network in Liechtenstein is inexpensive and easy way to get around the country. In Liechtenstein, there are small and double-decker buses. To know the timetable of the buses in Liechtenstein, click here

Rent a Car- You can even rent a car even if you wish to get around the country. To know the details of the car rental firms in Liechtenstein, click here.

Health Insurance

Students who stay in Liechtenstein for more than 3 months are subject to a statutory health insurance. Student from EU country who are insured by law in their home country are exempted by the European Health Insurance Card or a provisional replacement certificate of compulsory insurance. 

Students who come from a country with which Liechtenstein has no insurance agreement, in that case, they need to log in their own home country or in Liechtenstein / Switzerland insure.  

Working Conditions

Students from the EU, the EEA and Switzerland are allowed to work alongside studies up to 35%. During the semester break, from mid-July to late September, students can work up to 100%. The Non-EU/EEA and Swiss students are allowed to work only if it is related to their course of study and they have confirmation in writing by the Director of Studies to work. 

Study Visa

To study abroad in Liechtenstein, pupils often need visa if they are non EU/EEA citizens. However, to know more about visa, read the study visa post

Note: The prices are indicative in nature. Actual cost may vary depending on level of study programme and location etc.
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