Choosing the Right Course to Study in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is recognised for quality education and students across the world flock to the country for studying.  Students before taking admittance into the Liechtenstein institution must keep in mind the following phases of “Selecting the Right Programme”:

Phase 1: Find Out Your Interest Area and Set Priorities

Identify your interest area. Know what you wish to do. Know your aims and academic goals. Take some time to think about your interest area and what is it that about that particular field that interests you. Be clear with the idea of what you want to study and what after earning the degree. 

You will have to decide what facet of study abroad is relevant or important- is the course of study, or location, travel or job opportunities or something else.  

Phase 2: Research and Find the Right Course to Study

Students who wish to study in Liechtenstein must begin with the research. Search online about the course you want to opt for and institutions offering that particular course. Narrow down your options by looking at your academic goals and interest area. Visit the official website of the short-listed institutions to know in detail about their offerings.  

Phase 3: Check the Admission Requirements

The admission requirements vary depending on the institution and degree programme 

General Admission Requisites

For Bachelor degree: Prospective students must have a Berufsmatura certificate or vocational diploma, or an equivalent international qualification. 

For Master’s degree: Students must possess a bachelor’s degree in a related area with at least 180 ECTS credits in order to gain admittance into the Master’s degree programme in Liechtenstein. 

For Doctorate degree: Students must possess a Master’s degree in a related area or diploma degree from an international recognized university which awards doctoral degrees. 

Phase 4: Submit your Application

After deciding on the course to study and institution, apply before the deadline! Submit the required documents along with the admission application. Contact the respective institution to know about the application form and process. 

Phase 5: Make Housing and Other Arrangements

Once you receive the letter of acceptance from the institution of your choice, start arranging for accommodation and other practicalities of student life in Liechtenstein. 

Phase 6: Apply for Scholarships and Study Visa

Apply for scholarships after gaining admission into the institution of your choice. 

Students who wish to study in Liechtenstein may or may not require visa or residency permit, depending on their nationality. To get more information on the study visa for Liechtenstein, click here.
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