Liechtenstein as a Study Destination

Liechtenstein, officially known as the Principality of Liechtenstein is located at the core of Europe, in the Alpine Rhine valley, bordered by Austria to the east and Switzerland to the west and south. The country is traditional as well as modern with the arts and culture all around. 
Liechtenstein is a great country for studies abroad in Europe. Liechtenstein has a highly developed and advanced economy, great cultural and historical appeal, a vigorous export industry, high-performance financial services firms and many small and medium-sized establishments/organizations. As a modern economy, Liechtenstein stands for modernization, advancement, growth, stability and security.

Reasons to Study Abroad in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein not only offers a unique learning environment, but also many captivating leisure options are available in the neighbouring region of Liechtenstein- Vorarlberg in Austria, Eastern Switzerland, and the Lake Constance region in Southern Germany. Liechtenstein has a reasonable tuition fee, great lifestyle, and beautiful cultural scene, thus, offering pupils a unique educational value. 

Following are the reasons to study abroad in Liechtenstein:

Quality Education

The quality of education in Liechtenstein is high. The degrees obtained from the Liechtenstein higher education institutions, are recognized all over the world.  The country has well-developed private and state-funded education system offering top quality primary, secondary and higher education, and extensive vocational training. 

Multicultural Experience

Liechtenstein has a multicultural community. It possesses an excellent and well-developed network of public transport that is efficient and inexpensive. It has a safe, friendly and welcoming environment, thereby allowing an easy access to the institution and cultural life of the country.

Good Job Prospects

Studying in Liechtenstein boost your career development plan. Liechtenstein has a low unemployment rate. Students are recruited every year in all career fields.

Reasonable Tuition and Living Expenses 

The tuition fee and cost of living in Liechtenstein are reasonable as compared to other European countries. This holds a great value to pupils who are strapped for cash. 

Work Opportunities

Students from the EU, the EEA and Switzerland are allowed to work alongside studies up to 35%. During the semester break, i.e., from mid-July to late September, students can work up to 100%.
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