Grading, Academic Year and Language of Instruction

School Academic Year

The academic year in Liechtenstein commences between the beginning of August and the beginning of October and concludes accordingly between end of July to end of September. The school academic year is split up into 2 semesters:
  • First semester starts in mid-August
  • Second semester starts in the beginning of February
Each semester has about 20 school weeks. The school year shall not be less than 38 weeks and not more than 40 weeks.

Universities Academic Year in Liechtenstein

The academic year is split up into two terms:
  •  Winter term 
  • Summer term
It includes about 34 weeks of attendance time. The academic year commences in September and February and ends in January and August respectively.

Language of Instruction

The official language and the language of instruction in Liechtenstein, is German. Also, many programmes are taught in English.

Grading System in Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein uses the Swiss grading system. A 6-point grading scale is used, where 6 refer to the highest grade and 1 is the lowest grade.

 Grade Description
 6 Excellent
 5.5 Very Good
 5 Good
 4.5 Satisfactory
 4 Sufficient, Passed
 3 Insufficient
 2 Poor
 1 Very poor

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