Photography is weaving a story through the lens. Photographers capture images of landscape, people, and merchandise that tell a story or record an event. What written words cannot explain, a still photograph can narrate an entire story with telling effect.

Role of a Photographer:

  • Select the desired image and picture composition to tell the perfect story
  • Choose the correct location or set
  • Determine film exposure settings
  • Supervise camera operators
  • Analyze and discuss with directors to decide on composing a subject
Today, photography like editing has gone digital. Most photographers use highly advanced digital cameras. Once transferred on the computer, photographers can crop, edit, and modify images and enhance it using specialized effects. Most of the pictures are presented in a digital format to the clients. Only after special requests and for occasions like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries, photographs are framed or put in albums.

Types of photographers

  • Commercial Photographers
  • Portrait Photographers
  • Fine Arts and Fashion Photographers
  • University Photographers
  • Scientific Photographers
  • Photo-journalists
  • Wildlife and Adventure Photographers

Skills Required for a Photographer

Visualization: Photographers should have the ability to visualize how things could look after its position, color, lighting or space gets changed.

Creativity: Photography is artistry personified. They must be able to use their subjects in the best possible creative manner.

Computer Skills: Since photography has gone digital, computer skills are required to use photo editing software.

Eye for Detail: Photographers must have a keen eye to spot even the minutest detail. Even a slight change in the color shade can ruin the quality of a photograph.

Business Skills: Photographers should be able to capture the correct image from the right angle to make it saleable. One must be able to understand the market of the product and capture images accordingly.

Pros and Cons of a Photographer


  • The profession doesn’t allow you to get bored. You have a wide variety of subjects to choose from weddings to the world of fashion, from sports to personalities.
  • Photographers get to travel to exotic locations to shoot. For example, a wildlife photographer may travel inside the jungles and wildlife parks in Africa and Australia.
  • If you are a freelance photographer, you have great autonomy while choosing assignments. You can get freedom in not only choosing the subject but also about its presentation.
  • Demand for work will always be there as advertisers will not stop advertising or people will not stop getting married!


  • Long and erratic working hours which at times can affect your health.
  • As a freelance photographer, you have to be prepared for uncertain income. Once established, you can expect regular workflow, but you can face struggle at the entry level.
  • Photographers are exposed to potential hazards. Photographers covering crime subjects, or war zone could be caught in crossfire.

Media, Communications and Entertainment Careers

Actor Announcer
Art Director Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician
Dancer and Choreographer
Graphic Designer
Interpreter and Translator
Music Director and Composer
Producer and Director
Public Relation Officer
Set Designer
Technical Writer
Writer and Author

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