Careers in Business and Finance

If playing with numbers, examining financial records, analyzing budgets and making investment decisions sound child’s play, then a career in business and finance would definitely fascinate you. A financial analyst can make or break businesses, an auditor can put financial records of organizations in shape, and market research analyst studies regional and national areas to examine potential sales of a product.

Most of the positions in business and finance typically require a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or market research. To survive in this market, good grasp of mathematical skills and financial knowledge is essential. But that alone won’t help you survive in this tough world. According to financial planner Judith Cane of Ontario-based Antara Financial Group success in finance is "15% technical knowledge and 85% psychology.” A client, who comes seeking for financial advice from a professional, looks for unbiased view to help manage his or her finances. Like careers in hospitality and tourism or in media, communications and entertainment, professionals from business and finance too need good communication and relationship-management skills.

The links below will help you understand the roles and requirements of each career within this industry:

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