Art Director 'a great career choice for the doers'

The famous Taj Mahal is not only built of bricks and mortar but it has the thoughts of the great mason of those eras. Different things when put together to give a shape with layers gelled of great thoughts we get Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pablo Picasso Paintings and lot more to make our lives better. Scientific Visions added with Computing has modernized the art forms. That is why we get loads of entertainment with a touch. 

Art is everywhere and significantly used in sales, education and entertainment. Colors arises emotions and to put colors in right amount at right places is job of the visualizers. Computer has given us leverage to gel colors seamlessly to suit every eye and meet every emotion. In industries like entertainment, fashion, tour and travel etc huge number of artists work together to bring out visuals those can speak to eyes. And to look after all the artistic works services of an Art Director are sought after.

An art director oversees the visual style and images in newspapers, magazines, product packaging and television and movie productions etc. An art director is usually responsible for the overall design department and works in conjunction with editors and photo editors. They direct others who create artworks and design layouts.

If you are someone passionate about visuals you can chose to work as Art Director. Training in this field is available right from the high school. Also, you can get a diploma, degree, certificate in Art from different institutes teaching across globe. Courses are available in plenty. There are many film and television institutes, media institutes, colleges and university departments imparting education in Art. You can chose for a course near you based on qualification and interests.

Role of an Art Director

  • Formulates design concepts for visual communications media.
  • Select photographs, art, and other design elements to use.
  • Responsible for the overall look and feel of a publication, an advertising campaign, or a theater, television, or film set.
  • Instruct and supervise other design staff for the implementation of the design.
  • Review designs, artwork, photography, and graphics developed by staff members.
  • Coordinate with clients to develop an artistic approach and style.
  • Work on presentations for clients.
  • Manage accounts and projects and responsible for budgeting and deadlines.

Skills Required for an Art Director

Creativity: An art director should be able to think creatively and create new designs and sets.

Computer Skills: An art director should have good computer knowledge as these days most designs, illustrations and images are developed and created on the computer. An art director should learn various computer programs in order to survive in today’s job market.

Communication Skills: Art directors should have excellent communication skills. They are required to talk to the clients and understand their needs and requirements. Art directors also have to interact with other designers, editors and illustrators.

Leadership Skills: Art directors are required to organize, motivate and direct others. They are required to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Problem Solving Skills: An art director should analyze ideas and use logic to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Pros and Cons of an Art Director

  • Handsome salary.
  • One can demonstrate creativity at its best.
  • No scope of getting bored as one is constantly designing for new clients.
  • Option of work from home.
  • Erratic working schedule.
  • You can only climb up the ladder after several years of experience.
  • Art director should always display originality in every design.

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