Structure of Education in Belize

Though Belize suffered from a poor education system for a long time, it is still trying hard to develop a proper structure of education and edify its citizens.

Primary Education

The Government of Belize covers the entire expenses for the primary education of the kids  of the age group of 6 to 14  years of the country. The System of British curriculum is followed by the schools in Belize. They are given all basic and compulsory lessons on English, Science, Arts, Social Science, Fine Arts and so on. The government of Belize gives due importance to education and thus ensures that every kid is enrolled for the basic education for themselves. Apart from  government schools there are private schools which serve the purpose of providing education to the kids.

Secondary Education

The secondary education is of the duration of four years and generally covers the grades or classes from 7 to 10. The exam is conducted by CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) Examination. Almost every subject is taught in depth before the next stage. The students are proficient in the subjects of Science, Math, Language, Arts, Fine Arts, Social Sciences and so on. Apart from the government ones there are a couple of private schools catering to the needs of the students. There are two levels of this stage. This is pre level and post level. The students who qualify only are allowed to enter into the final stage. The last two levels are O Level and A Level which forms the basis of the post Secondary phase. A lot of vocational training is given to the students in this curriculum program.

Most of the students belonging from poor backgrounds are unable  to afford the exorbitant fees of the school and hence, drop out of the program itself. The private schools are better than the government ones with high fee costs and thus, there are a limited number of students enrolling for the programs.

The students are given lessons in the areas of Sciences, Social sciences, maths, languages, technology, arts, fine arts and so on.

Vocational Education

Apart from the regular system of education the government of Belize is actively involved in empowerment of the common man through the method of vocational and training system. The centre for employment training is working effectively towards this step on a continuous basis and thus acts as a primary platform to empower young minds to enroll for vocational training. This helps them to develop their skills for finding better employment for their living.

Higher Education

The Higher education system is available in Belize city and Corozel. The University of Belize is the single largest centre of study for higher education in the country. Apart from a lot of  subjects, primary subjects are taught in the areas of Science Technology, Arts, Fine Arts, Sociology, Social Science, Health and Allied Sciences, Nutrition, Physiology, Psychology, History, Geography to name a few from the list.

The students are charged a fee of approximately $700  per semester for the citizens and $1300 for the students of the developing countries,$2000 from the students of the developed countries. An additional fee for accommodation is charged at $500 from every student. This includes other miscellaneous charges towards the curriculum program.

The government of Belize is taking more steps towards the betterment of the higher education system in every possible manner and very soon the entire system will be upgraded for the poor students too.
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