Academic Grading System in Belize

The schools in Belize follows the grading  system of both UK and USA. Certain schools follow the grading mechanism of the Caribbean also. The reason is simple as the institutes follow both kind of curriculum. Until the primary level the entire grading is same as most  of the schools are of government body. But as time changed a lot of  private players have also emerged as forerunner in the field of providing education to the children and thus helping them by empowering their minds in a very disciplined manner with the advanced system of curriculum from the developed countries like USA and the  UK. This has helped the rich and the middle class society of the country as most of the time the families prefer to send their children in the better schooling environment and do not depend on the government ones due to the poor facilities to the students. The country has three major exams conducted on national basis out of which two are of primary level and the remaining one is of the secondary level.

Those institutions which follow the US Grading System in their respective institutions have  to grade their students on the grade scale of A to F where A is the highest grade and F be the lowest one.
  1. The score of 95-100 is grade A
  2. The score in the range of 90-94.99 is grade A-
  3. The score in the range of 85-89.99 is grade B
  4. The score in the range  of 80-84.99 is grade B-
  5. The score in the range  of  75-79.99 is grade C
  6. The score in the range  of  70-74.99 is grade C-
  7. The score in the range  of  65-69.99 is grade D
  8. The score in the range  of  55-59.99  is grade D-
  9. The score in the range  of  0-49.99 fetches a grade F

The grading for secondary schooling follows  a scale of  6 grade points. The scale of  1 resembles the grade A which means a remark of Excellence. The grade B which resembles Good is given to a scale range of 2-2.99. A  satisfactory  is given for a grade of C in the scale range of 3-3.99. However the grades below this are D and F which resembles Weak and Fail respectively with the scale liens of 3-3.99 for the first and 4-4.99 for the later.

Caribbean Examinations Council

The Schools which follow the model of curriculum of the Caribbean Examinations Council has to implement the six point grading scheme.This range from grade I to VI with profile grades from A to F.

The Grade I resembles A which tells that the students have a better proficiency of the understanding of the content of the subject. The grade II represents a profile of B which shows that the students have a good level of understanding of the subject matter. The grade III which signifies a grade C says that the students have a fair amount of understanding about the subject content in terms of knowledge and skills. The students  who are found to show  moderate  level of understanding the knowledge of the subject are graded as III with a profile grade of C. The profile grade IV which has a profile E are for those students who posses a limited amount of calibre for subject knowledge. Those students who bear very very less amount of knowledge and skills have a grade VI with a grade profile F.
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