Academic Year and Language of Instruction in Belize

School Academic Year

The academic calendar resumes on first week of September annually. Apart from the regular class hours there are provisions of special classes for the students if required. Various events in the field of academics, athletics and games are provided to the students in order to  reduce their burden from academic stress and make them mentally relaxed.
Opportunities in various dimensions such as inter-school events are highly encouraged to help the students to showcase their respective talents outside the purview of the school boundaries and hence allow them to achieve success and recognition in their lives out of the school boundary.

The schools in Belize offer a wide range of subjects to match with the interest level of students. These includes subjects such as Christian education, language, arts like reading grammar, spelling and writing creatively,  mathematics, science, music, Spanish and physical education , information technology, history, geography,  physics, chemistry, biology, English, music to name a few from the entire list.

Higher Education Academic Year

The academic calendar for the higher institutes of learning follows a different format.

First Semester
The University of Belize has the orientation day in the last week of July. The anniversary of the university is celebrated on 1st of August every year. The anniversary is followed by a lot of formalities such as faculty orientation, registration of the pending students and placement test for the students. The classes resume by the mid of the month of the August. Every year the university revises the curriculum and the subjects for the students by the last week of August. The classes of all the students come to an end on the last of the month of November

By the first week of the month of September every odd formality is done with and each and every student is locked with their preferred subject for the entire academic year. This is followed by the University census day which the time to publish the official statistics of the performance of the university.

Holidays and Celebrations
The college authorities celebrate the Patriotic Day on 9th of September every year.The classes are suspended on account of St George’s Caye Day on 10th of September every year. The country celebrates the Independence Day on 21st September every year. The month of October brings the PAN American day on 14th and Garifuna Settlement Day on 19th of the month. The classes of all the students come to an end on the last of the month of November.

The information regarding the scheduling of final exams are posted before the classes get concluded. In the month of December the final exams are conducted which is followed by the winter break before the classes start for the second semester for the students. The performance reports of the students are displayed online within fifteen days of the exams.

Second Semester
The second semester starts with the celebration of the New Year. The classes start from the third week of the month after the registration process and the orientation of the new students on the campus. The graduation day for all the students is held on 25th of January every year. The formalities regarding the adding and dropping from a particular course by the students takes place by the month of January after which everything is locked for the next semester. The month of February the university releases the statistics of performance on 14th of the month.

The institute remains closed on March 10th to mark the National Heroes and Benefactors day. The final formalities regarding any modification for the enrollment is done with in the month of March. The students break for Easter holidays by 14th March. The students return to campus after a month long break by April 21st. By the end of the month the students have to enroll for the December completion of their respective courses.

On account of May Day the institute remains closed on the 1st of May every year. By the 9th of the month the students are done with their classes for the semester before the exams. The final exams are conducted between 12th and 19th of the month of May for the students. By 1st week of the month of June the university publishes the grade sheet for every student.

The students have to register for the summer break from 9th to 13th of June. The Graduation Day is organized on the 14th of the month for the pass out students of the batch. The summer starts from 16th of the month of June and ends 25th July after which the classes for the new semester begin for the students.

Language of Instruction

The primary mode of instruction which the schools provide to the students is through the medium of English Language. However due training is also given in other languages such as Spanish and Mexican. This step has been introduced in order to make the students well versed in these languages.  This has been done so that the students face no difficulty in other countries of the region provided the fact that Belize is the only English speaking country in the region. As English is the main mode of language of instruction, hence, the students get a good chance to communicate in the other several countries where they go for higher education or job.
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