Frequently Asked Questions about Online Master’s in Engineering

If you’re thinking about using an online course to study for your engineering degree, but aren’t sure about the way online courses work, then take a look at these frequently asked questions to help you decide if taking your degree online is the right choice for you.

How Long Does the Course Last?
Course length depends on the university that you study with and the time that you have available to devote to your studies. Some fast-track programs can be completed in as little as 13 months, but you can spread your studies out over several years to ensure that your course is a good fit for your home and work life as well as your budget.

Is the Course Delivered Entirely Online?
Yes, the online masters in engineering is a 100% online course. You won’t have to travel to any classes or complete a field placement. If you live outside the U.S. an online degree gives you the opportunity to study with leading universities and obtain a high-quality education that will be recognized around the world.

Are Classes Live?
Most classes will be pre-recorded and you can access those whenever it’s convenient for you to do so. If your university includes live classes and discussion groups, you’ll receive a schedule of these classes so that you can plan ahead and be available to log in at the appointed time. Often instructors will also ask students for feedback about suitable times for any live elements of the course.

While you’re free to choose your own study schedule, you will need to complete assignments and exams by specified dates.

What Specializations Can I Choose?
Depending on your school, you could have six specializations to choose from as part of your masters of engineering online. These are:

• Bioengineering
• Data Science
• Mechanical Engineering
• Environmental Engineering Systems
• Electrical Engineering
• Nanoengineering

Is Student Financing Available for Online Degrees?
As an online student studying with an accredited university, you are entitled to apply for the same finance and grant programs as students attending traditional classes on campus. The ability to obtain finance is just one of the reasons that you must make sure that your course is delivered by an accredited institution.

Are Books Included in The Price?
Not usually. You will be provided with plenty of written material as part of your course, but you’ll still need to purchase or borrow the books listed for your program. Use a comparison site like campusbooks to find the best prices.

How Can I Contact Instructors?
You’ll be given email contact details for your instructors and for faculty support staff. Class sizes at good colleges are kept to manageable levels, so you’ll be able to get the help and support that you need as you study your program.

If you’re still undecided about whether an online course is right for you, you can get further information from university websites and admissions advisors. You should also try to find students who have completed online programs and find out what the general pros and cons are.
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