Understanding the Role of School Counselors in Preventing Bullying

Bullying, despite the best programs and efforts from local schools, is still a prominent problem faced by thousands of children across the country. Bullying can affect children in many ways; it also appears in more forms than ever, especially with kids now more accustomed to the internet and social media. To shield children from the negative impacts of bullying, school counselors are now taking a more proactive approach.

According to Bradley University and its online masters in counseling department, verbal and social bullying are the most common forms of bullying today. It is also worrying that 70% of children in schools have at least witnessed the act of bullying; the majority of that portion are bullying victims themselves. A more direct approach is needed to help protect children and their future.

You can learn more about the roles of school counselors in solving children’s problems at school from the full infographic, The Role of School Counselors in School Safety by onlinedegrees.bradley.edu.
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