The Benefits of Distance Learning for Mature Students

Distance learning has been a niche pursuit for a long time, but thanks to the internet, the concept of earning a degree without needing to attend a university campus is now commonplace. Technology enables today’s students to study at their choice of university without leaving home, and this ability is particularly attractive to mature students.

An Online Course Fits Around Work Commitments
Online degree programs offer the flexibility that mature students need. These courses are designed for part-time study, meaning they can be combined with a full-time job.

Depending on the course taken, students only need to commit to between 10 and 15 hours of evening and weekend study each week. Many courses are comprised solely of pre-recorded (asynchronous) classes, while others use a mix of synchronous (live) and pre-recorded classes.

Students can choose to fast track their studies and graduate in as few as 18 months with programs like the online master of arts in history degree, or they can spread their studies out to align with their financial situation and the time that they have available to devote to their course.

Distance Learning Provides Opportunities for Career Advancement
Today’s economy requires employees keep their skills relevant. In order to climb the career ladder or switch to a career that offers a better work/life balance, people need access to lifelong education, and distance learning fits that bill perfectly. 

With world leading colleges and universities offering a wide range of accredited courses, students can easily find a bachelor’s or master’s degree program that suits their needs.

Some courses cater to specific career tracks like degrees in IT, engineering and healthcare, while other courses focus on the traditional humanities subjects and enable students to obtain a bachelor or masters degree in history, English, philosophy or languages.

Online Degree Programs Can Save Money
When mature students choose to obtain a degree online they can benefit from important cost savings. In addition to remaining in work and earning a full-time salary, online students can eliminate the costs associated with living on or near to campus. Accommodation costs add thousands of dollars to the annual cost of study and can sometimes make up as much as half the cost of a college degree.

Online courses also offer benefits over traditional part-time college courses that conduct classes in the evenings. Since many mature students have young families to take care of, arranging child care while mom or dad head off to school can be difficult and costly. With an online degree, parents can spend the evening at home with their children, making time to study while children are quietly occupied with games and books or once they’ve gone to bed.

As long as the institution offering the degree program is accredited, online students are also eligible for a range of student loans and grants.

Online degrees are a perfect fit for today’s mature students, offering the flexibility, choice, and affordability that they need to maximize their career options in an increasingly competitive economic environment. And with courses available from some of the most highly regarded colleges and universities in the world, students are assured of the value of their degree to prospective employers.
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