UCAT ANZ: University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand

The UCAT ANZ is admission test for medical, dental and clinical science degree programmes offered by UCAT ANZ Consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand. Earlier UMAT i.e. Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test is defunct now. Starting 2019, for medical / dental / clinical sciences programs University entry candidates need to write UCAT ANZ. Sometimes this test also referred simply as UCAT. 

Please note this is not UCAT UK which is also commonly referred as UCAT.

The UCAT ANZ test measures appropriate abililities and professional temperament mandatory to pursue course in medical and clinical sciences. The universities consider UCAT ANZ  as a benchmark of medical school success.  To candidates interested in medical programs this test is an opportunity to separate them from the rest.

UCAT ANZ Test Delivery

The UCAT ANZ Test is delivered by Pearson Vue. It’s a COMPUTER DELIVERED TEST. No special knowledge of computers is required to take the test. The test is offered across Australia, New Zealand and at some overseas locations.
Some universities may ask for score in a test other than UCAT ANZ for medicine / dentistry / clinical sciences admission. Candidates are advised to check the program of the university for exact details.

UCAT ANZ Eligibility Requirements

The candidates in the final year of secondary school or higher qualification can write UCAT ANZ. In Australia candidate need to complete 12 year of education while in New Zealand 13 years in the year of UCAT ANZ. International students interested to pursue a course in medicine / dentistry / clinical sciences from UCAT ANZ universities are advised to check respective university website for exact requirements. Only some universities ask UCAT ANZ Score of International students. Some may requre other test score.  

UCAT ANZ Test Fees

For candidates writing UCAT ANZ in Australia and New Zealand: ASD 298
     - Concession Fee (Australia only): ASD 198
Overseas Centers (Outside Australia and New Zealand): ASD 373
Note: Your bank may charge some additional international transaction fees as the test delivery authority are US based.
Note: Fees amount is given in approximate. Administrator may change fees amount for different UCAT ANZ.

UCAT ANZ Test Format

The UCAT ANZ is a computer based test. It takes 120 minutes to complete. The test contains sections. Time is separately allotted for each section. No break provided between test but before each subtest there is a timed instruction section. Questions asked are multiple choice type.
All candidates appear for the standard test. But with disability or medical condition are eligible for extended version; extra time is provide to differently abled candidates. Following given detailed test structure

Section: Verbal Reasoning-

This section measures ability to critically evaluate information presented in a written form.
  • No. of Questions: 44
  • Time allowed (Standard): 1 minute instruction section; 21 minutes test time
  • Time allowed (Extended): 1 minute 15 second instruction section 26 minutes 15 seconds test time

Section: Decision Making-

This section measures ability to make sound decisions and judgements using complex information.
  • No. of Questions: 29
  • Time allowed (Standard): 11 minute instruction section; 31
  • minutes test time
  • Time allowed (Extended): 1 minute 15 second instruction section; 38 minutes 45 seconds test time

Section: Quantitative Reasoning-

This section measures ability tto critically evaluate information presented in a numerical form.
  • No. of Questions: 36
  • Time allowed (Standard): 1 minute instruction section; 24 minutes test time
  • Time allowed (Extended): 1 minute 15 second instruction section; 30 minutes test time

Section: Abstract Reasoning-

This section measures the use of convergent and divergent thinking to infer relationships from information.
  • No. of Questions: 55
  • Time allowed (Standard): 1 minute instruction section; 13 minutes test time
  • Time allowed (Extended): 1 minute 15 second instruction section; 16 minutes 15 seconds test time

Section: Situational Judgement-

This section measures ability to understand real world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them.
  • No. of Questions: 69
  • Time allowed (Standard): 1 minute instruction section; 26 minutes test time
  • Time allowed (Extended): 1 minute 15 second instruction section; 32 minutes 30 seconds test time

UCAT ANZ Registration & Booking

UCAT ANZ is delivered by Pearson Vue. Its recommended that you should register and book test early to avoid last minute hassel. If you are a candidate looking to pursue medical / dental / clinical science program from UCAT ANZ Universities

Register UCAT ANZ : https://wsr.pearsonvue.com/testtaker/signin/SignInPage/UMAT

UCAT ANZ Results / UCAT ANZ Score Report

The Pearson Vue will send instructional email to test takers regarding release of UCAT ANZ Result. Also the reults will be shared with member institutions. Candidates do not need to submit UCAT ANZ Score Report separately.

Limitations: Candidates applying to both Australian/New Zealand and UK Universities

If you are applying to both Australian/ New Zealand and UK universities you need to write  UCAT ANZ during July.
Next, you then need to email the UCAT UK Office (ucat@nottingham.ac.uk) by mid October (may be before 15) (the UCAS application deadline in the UK) to confirm the following information:
Your name: Your UCAT ANZ ID number in the format ANZ12345678 (which you receive when you register an account for the UCAT ANZ)
The UK universities to which you have applied.
The UCAT UK Office will then verify your UCAT ANZ score with the UCAT ANZ Office and communicate this to your chosen UK universities.
Note that candidates are not allowed to write both the UCAT ANZ and UCAT UK test in the same year.
Candidates are not able to apply to Australian / New Zealand Consortium universities with UCAT UK results.

List of Universities/Programmes  in Australia and New Zealand accepting UCAT ANZ Score Report

UCAT ANZ Concession Scheme

For candidates appearing for UCAT ANZ in Australia and who hold (or who are listed as a dependent on) a current Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC), both of which are issued by Centrelink, are eligible for a reduced test fee.  The concession fee is not available to candidates sitting the test outside Australia. Email a copy of your relevant card before you make your test booking. If you are eligible Apply for UCAT ANZ Concession Scheme.
URL: https://www.ucat.edu.au/register/concession-scheme/
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