TOEFL iBT: Test of English as Foreign Language

TOEFL is a measure of English proficiency. The test is administered worldwide by Educational Testing Services (ETS). To help measure English proficiency at different stages in life TOEFL has different tests. A child can start taking TOEFL test as soon as he / she attains 8 years of age. Following given different levels of TOEFL test

TOEFL Primary: This is designed to help students of age 8 years and above.
TOEFL Junior: This test is designed to help students of age 11 years and above.
TOEFL ITP: This test is designed to help university level learners.
TOEFL iBT: This test is designed to measure English proficiency of candidates looking to get admission into University for higher studies. (iBT stands for Internet Based Test)

TOEFL Fast Facts

  1. TOEFL is globally accepted measure of English proficiency.
  2. TOEFL Score is accepted across more than 150 countries
  3. TOEFL iBT is honored by more than 10000 Colleges, Universities and agencies.
  4. TOEFL is delivered via Internet.
  5. TOEFL: Test of English as Foreign Language is a test to measure English proficiency. For higher studies and work in locations where language of instruction is English you will need to show your level of English. This is mandatory requirement for candidates whose first language is not English. To help students and job seekers ETS has designed TOEFL. Its globaly respected English language test in the world. Students seeking admission into Universities can write TOEFL test. Test is available as TOEFL iBT (internet based test)
  6. TOEFL PBT is discontinued now.

TOEFL iBT for Higher Studies

For the purpose of convenience, we will call here TOEFL iBT as TOEFL. According to testing agency ETS, more than 35 million candidates across world have taken TOEFL test to show English proficiency. The average English skill level of test takers ranges between Intermediate and Advanced.

Who can write TOEFL iBT

  • Students seeking admission in a university where language of instruction is English
  • Students seeking admission/exit in/from and English language learning program
  • Seeking scholarship and certification
  • Learners of English who want to know their level of English
  • Students and job seekers applying for visas

TOEFL iBT Test Format

TOEFL measures your level of English on four counts, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It’s a measure of, whether you would be able to stay and complete coursework in an English setting. English proficiency score is mandatory requirement for candidates applying for higher studies abroad. TOEFL Score is accepted as a standard measure of English proficiency across 150 countries. Its much like one test for all. According to ETS website, most of the non native English speakers score on TOEFL ranges from Intermediate to Advanced. The admission officer looks for applicants with impressive TOEFL Score.

TOEFL iBT Test Structure, No. of Questions and Time allowed

TOEFL has 4 sections: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Following given TOEFL test structure

Section: Reading
  • Time allowed: 60 – 80 Minutes
  • No. of Questions: 36 – 56
  • Tasks: Read 3 or 4 passages from academic texts and answer questions.
Section: Listening
  • Time allowed: 60 – 90 minutes
  • No. of questions: 60 – 90
  • Tasks: Listen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations, then answer questions.
Break 10 minutes

Section: Speaking
  • Time allowed: 20 minutes
  • No. of questions: 6 Tasks
  • Tasks: Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks.
Section: Writing
  • Time allowed: 50 minutes
  • No. of questions: 6 tasks
  • Tasks: Write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks; support an opinion in writing.
  • In reading and and listening section you may be asked to answer few questions. These won’t count towards your TOEFL Score

Upcoming Changes in TOEFL iBT

The ETS has announced changes in TOEFL iBT pattern starting from July 2023. The new pattern will be effective from 26 July test date. The new test will be of 120 minutes duration. However, these changes will not be applicable to TOEFL PBT, quotes official website The new test pattern is tabulated below:
SectionNo. of QuestionsEstimated Timing
Reading2035 Minutes
Listening2836 Minutes
Speaking4 Tasks16 Minutes
Writing2 Tasks29 Minutes
Total TimeUnder Two Hours


ETS publishes TOEFL Score 10 days after the test date. You will receive 4 scaled section scores and a total score:
  • Reading Section (Score of: 0–30)
  • Listening Section (Score of: 0–30)
  • Speaking Section (Score of: 0–30)
  • Writing Section (Score of: 0–30)
Total Score (0–120)

*** You can view your score from official website of TOEFL
*** You can print your TOEFL Score 13 days after the test date.
*** The ETS send your TOEFL Score to institutions you selected after 13 days from test date.

Retaking the TOEFL iBT

TOEFL is administered over 50 times in a year. You can write as many times as you wish. But you cannot retake the TOEFL Exam within 12 days of your original appointment.

What TOEFL Score suggests about your English skills

TOEFL has 4 sections i.e. Reading Writing, Speaking and Listening. Following given TOEFL Test Score Scale and what it depicts

Section: Reading

Performance Level
  • 0 – 14 Low
  • 15 – 21 Intermediate
  • 22 – 30 High
Section: Listening

Performance Level
  • 0 – 13 Low
  • 14 – 21 Intermediate
  • 22 – 30 High
Section: Speaking

Speaking about Familiar Topics

Performance Level
  • 0 – 9 Weak
  • 10 – 17 Limited
  • 18 – 25 Fair
  • 26 – 30 Good
Speaking about Campus Situations

Performance Level
  • 0 – 9 Weak
  • 10 – 17 Limited
  • 18 – 25 Fair
  • 26 – 30 Good
Speaking about Academic Course Content

Performance Level
  • 0 – 9 Weak
  • 10 – 17 Limited
  • 18 – 25 Fair
  • 26 – 30 Good

TOEFL iBT Test Registration Fee

TOEFL is held across 150 countries. Fees is location dependent. To know exact TOEFL Test Registration amount see latest official update. You can Download TOEFL iBT Registration Bulletin and Forms from official website

Who accepts TOEFL iBT Score

Over 10000 institutions across world accepts TOEFL Test Score as a measure of English proficiency.

TOEFL iBT Test Centres and Test Dates

ETS administers TOEFL test across 150 countries. Test Centres are located across all major cities.

TOEFL iBT Test Registration

You can register for TOEFL 24x7 online. Registration is simple and easy. No special skills required. The ETS accepts TOEFL test through online money transfer and credit card / debit card etc.

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