Scholarships to pursue your dream career

Scholarships are key drivers of education. While a merit based scholarship gives you many reasons to rejoice; scholarships for needy and loan scholarships are not less celebrated. Scholarship in any form encourage receivers to do more beyond the ordinary. This give you freedom to pursue your dream career without worrying for expenses. And in case if you need to pay back, normally givers expect you to pay back once you get a job.

Government and Private agencies including academic institutions offers thousands and thousands of scholarships worldwide to attract best of the brains in academic and social sphere. On the other hand there are many scholarships to those willing to learn but cannot due to limitations, may be, financial, physical, social or any other.

Scholarships are also offered to students willing to go for study abroad; both sending country and receiving country offer scholarships to pursue different study programs perhaps you dreamed of since young age. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutes of Higher Education, Institutions for vocational training, different federal governments, government of states, non-profit and many other entities help willing learners to 'learn, end give back'.

In a very broad term we can divide scholarships in two main categories 
  • Performance based scholarships
  • Need based scholarships
An scholarship could be offered for full tenure of course or partial. It could be available as financial help to pay tuition fees, buy books or an instrument or towards living cost or may be a combination of these. Generally, full scholarship to pursue a programme is offered to noted achievers. But it does not mean that other are left behind. A student can seek help from multiple scholarship programmes to aid to coursework.

If you are eligible for an scholarship or in the lookout certainly there is one near you.

Type of Scholarships

Some of the typical categories of scholarships are listed below.
  • Merit based scholarships
  • Need based scholarships
  • Student specific scholarships
  • Career specific scholarships
  • College specific scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Brand scholarships
  • Creative contest scholarships

How to get scholarship

Generally, Scholarships are offered to deserving candidates who have achieved good grades in previous year studies and shown a promise to do much much better in the future. A prospective candidate may require to undergo for scholarship test of single or multiple phases. Also to apply for an scholarship an applicant must need to fulfill eligibility criteria as decided by the giver. There are many scholarships worldwide. For exclusive details chose your location.
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