Waiter or Waitress Career

Serve with a smile. If you have charming personality and people skills then you can surely become waiter or waitress. Waiters and waitresses, also called servers, are responsible for ensuring that customers have a satisfying dining experience. The specific duties of servers vary considerably with the establishment in which they work.

Role of Waiter or Waitress

  • Greet customers, present menus, and explain daily specials to customers.
  • Answer questions related to menu items and make recommendations.
  • Take food and beverage orders from customers.
  • Relay food and beverage orders to the kitchen staff.
  • Prepare drinks and food garnishes.
  • Carry trays of food or drinks from the kitchen to the dining tables.
  • Remove dirty dishes and glasses and clean tables after customer finish meal.
  • Prepare itemized checks and hand them to customers and sometimes take payment.
  • Clean and set up dining areas, refill condiments, roll silverware, and stock service areas.

Skills of Waiter or Waitress

Communication skills: Waiters and Waitresses must listen carefully to customers’ specific requests, and relay the information they get from the customers to the kitchen staff, so that orders are prepared to the customers’ satisfaction.
Customer and personal-service skills: Waiters and Waitresses spend most of their work time serving customers. They should be friendly and polite and be able to develop a natural rapport with customers.
Good memory: Waiters and Waitresses must keep customers’ orders straight. They should be able to recall the faces, names, and food and drink preferences of frequent customers.
People skills: Waiters and Waitresses must be courteous, tactful, and attentive as they deal with customers in all circumstances.
Physical stamina: Waiters and Waitresses must be able to spend hours on their feet carrying heavy trays, dishes, and glassware.
Team oriented: Busy dining hours can be hectic and fast paced, workers must be able to work well as a team to ensure that customers feel welcome and receive prompt service.
Well-groomed and neat appearance: Waiters and Waitresses are the front line of customer service in food service and drinking establishments; a neat appearance is often important.

Some Job Titles

Waitress, Server, Waiter, Food Server, Banquet Server, Cocktail Server, Restaurant Server, Room Service Server, Food Runner, Waitstaff

Where to study

There is no formal qualification required to enter in this profession. However, a high school with good language and pleasing personality is expected to enter in this field. Often people in this profession learn from experience; they begin with small food outlets, gain experience and move to bigger hotels and restaurants. Find a school for waiter and waitress near you.

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