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Education is the sharpest weapon. Across world, governments focus on education to build up human capital. The foundation of education begins starting from early age. However to convert education into a knowledge capital higher education is mandatory. The future of any geography depends on application of knowledge. And higher education is that tool that gives us ability to ask questions, understand arguments and assimilate information. The higher education enables us to ask better questions. The development of any country largely depends on opportunities of higher education and avenues to knowledge exchange. This is where role of Universities and Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) comes into practice.
Across world universities are given the responsibilities by respective governments to administer higher education for the grown ups, i.e. to offer study programmes for students who have completed basic school years. In general all universities have similar functions; i.e. to administer bachelors, masters programmes, provide affiliation to colleges, conduct examination and publish results. In addition universities also has the responsibility to work in close association to each other so as to exchange knowledge and produce human capital that can work for the betterment of the society.
There are thousand of universities across world. Each country is full of universities. And to look after the functioning of these universities governments has administering authorities. Also there are authorities both at federal level and national level to administer programmes and courses.
Humans have diverse interests and in the world there are universities to suit everyone's interests. Whether your interest fits in the rarest category or pretty common you always can find an university teaching courses in your area of interests; hundreds of study disciplines are offered as bachelors, masters and research programmes. In broader sense there are two types of study programmes; basic and applied. Basic programmes are theoretical in nature while applied programmes are a combination of theories and applications.
Another types of institutions similar to universities are Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs). These could be autonomous or attached with an university, for example research centers.
Universities offer very broad spectrum of courses in hundred of study disciplines as Regular, Part Time and Online courses; every year Bachelors, Masters, PhD and Post Doctoral degrees are awarded to thousands of students across world. While purpose of every course is same; to build a better human being who would be self reliant and can contribute in development of human capital whether through theoretical knowledge or application oriented skills.
Education is one of the basic requirements to lead a successful life. Through education, an individual understands the world, goals of life, importance of physical and spiritual well-being, society and various other resources in a better manner. As a matter of fact, since education is an important tool for human progress, the Right to Education has been accepted by several regions. Furthermore, in most of the continents, education is offered free of cost till a certain age, and it has also been made compulsory for all.
Therefore, the role of education in human life, as one of the indispensable requirements is accepted by all the continents and countries of the world.
Before you chose go for Under Graduate or Post Graduate programme you certainly need to know which are the universities those fits your requirements. So you can get information about any university in the world our team has collected details about each and every university here at one single place.
In our network, we offer an opportunity to students to take university tour from the continents to all the countries and regions of the world and decide an appropriate University and Colleges to pursue Higher Education. 
Select the the Continent of your choice from below to get exclusive information about Universities, Colleges, Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs), Under Graduate / Post Graduate Programs, Bachelors/Masters Courses, Research Opportunities through different modes of education; viz; campus programmes, off-campus programmes, regular programmes, part time programmes, online programmes, executive education, study abroad or exchange programmes.

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