Sports Psychologists Career

If you love sports and psychology then consider to become Sports Psychologist. Become a researcher in Sports Psychology or work as life coach to players and sports groups. Sports psychologists keep the sports-persons mentally fit at all times on the field or off the field. They assist in competition anxiety, poor self-talk, motivation issues, and burnout.

As a sport psychologist, you should work with teams and individuals at all levels, from amateurs to top professionals. The sports psychologists hold bright future and can find jobs with professional sports franchises, gyms, colleges and universities, and high schools etc. Some sports psychologists establish private clinics. Successful sports psychologists often travel to different cities to motivate teams.

Role of Sports Psychologists

  • The sports psychologist work directly with the athletes, one-on-one or in a group, or with the coach.
  • Help athletes identify potential skills they can develop and recommend strategies to develop them.
  • Work individually with athletes to set reachable goals.
  • Work with athletes to remove mental behaviors preventing them from performing at their maximum.

Skills of Sports Psychologists

  • Interpersonal Skills: Sports psychologists should be likable and should have something very applied and concrete to offer.
  • Flexibility: Sports psychologists should be flexible and able to meet individual needs by providing person-specific input.
  • Consultation Skills: Sports psychologists must have an appropriate application of consultation skills at competition.
  • Caring Attitude: Sports psychologists should have accessible enough to establish a rapport with individual athletes, caring attitude.

Some Job Titles

Sports Counselor, Sports Psychologist, Sports Trainer, Happiness Expert, Athletic Trainer, Organizational Psychologist, Life Coach, Fitness Trainer, Aerobic Instructor, Coach and Scout, Physical Therapist, Recreational Therapist

Where to study

You can study 4 year Under Graduate programe and masters and Ph.D in sports psychology from different institutions worldwide. Qualification and Certificates in sports will be added advantage. Government and private agencies as well as individuals hire sports psychologist. To find a suitable bachelor's, master's or research programme in sports psychology go to University Hub

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