Careers in Legal and Paralegal services

The world has become complex. Lives of people are complicated. To get your marriage registered, you need a lawyer. To buy a house or rent it out, you need to sign legal documents. To have your invention patented, you need to seek advice of a lawyer. 

The importance of legal and paralegal services in today’s society cannot be under estimated. It is difficult to imagine the state of affairs in the absence of legal services in today’s world. Legal officers are agents of peace and order in the society. Legal service is a complex process that entails a team of skilled professionals offering quality and cost-effective service. Therefore, the legal field holds several legal career options covering a wide range of skills, experience and education. Developments in the law and technology are also creating new legal career opportunities.

Paralegals are also an important part of the legal services. They are trained individuals assisting attorneys for the delivery of legal services. They work under the supervision of lawyers in law firms, corporations and practice environments.

Most of the countries have their own standardized test for evaluating a candidate’s ability to study law. In the US, admission to law schools is based on LSAT (Law School Admission Test). The test measures an applicant’s aptitude for the study of law. Also, LSAT is internationally accepted test for admission to many law programmes. 

The careers included in legal and paralegal services are:

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