Lawyers or Attorneys Career

If you want to be in a profession of Legal services as lawyer, be prepared to do a lot of research and writing. Lawyer is also known as attorney, counselor, solicitor, barrister or advocate. The role of lawyers and attorneys is both to act as advocates and advisors. Attorneys employ their time researching the written law, legal precedence, and apply both in their clients’ cases. As advisors, lawyers may suggest courses of action and advise their clients as to their legal rights. By representing their clients in court and arguing on their behalf, lawyers fill their role as advocates.

There are different aspects to a lawyer's work depending on which field they specialize in. Lawyers may specialize in a number of other fields, including intellectual property, business finance, and mergers, environmental, corporate or bankruptcy.

Role of Lawyers or Attorneys

Lawyers typically do the following:
  • Advise and represent clients in courts, before government agencies, or in private legal matters.
  • Communicate with their clients and others.
  • Conduct research and analysis of legal problems.
  • Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses.
  • Present facts in writing or verbally to their clients or others and argue on their behalf.
  • Prepare and file legal documents, such as lawsuits, appeals, wills, contracts, and deeds.
  • Lawyers, also called attorneys, act as both advocates and advisors.

Skills of Lawyers or Attorneys

Analytical skills: Lawyers should be able to analyze large amount of information  and help their clients resolve problems or issues.
Interpersonal skills: Lawyers must win the respect and confidence of their clients by building a trusting relationship so that clients feel comfortable and share personal information related to their case.
Problem-solving skills: Lawyers should have good problem-solving skills to prepare the best defense or recommendation.
Research skills: All lawyers need research skills for preparing legal advice or representation for a client commonly.
Speaking skills: Lawyers are hired by their clients to speak on their behalf. Lawyers must be able to clearly present and explain evidence to a judge and jury.
Writing skills: Lawyers need to be precise and specific when preparing documents, such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

Some Job Titles

Attorney, Associate Attorney, Lawyer, Associate, Assistant Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, City Attorney, County Attorney, Partner, Assistant Counsel

Where to study

To work as a Lawyer or Attorney you need a minimum of Bachelor's degree in Law. You can work with government, private organizations, consulting firms or start your own consulting groups. There are many law schools around world offering bachelor's, master's and research programmes in legal studies. To find a suitable law programme go to University Hub

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