Gerontologists Career

Life after retirement is not easy for many. Perhaps only few people live happily post retirement. When you grow old you have only fed memories from your teens, from college days, from office and almost nothing to do. Your strength to do rigorous task vanishes. This is the stage when elders need utmost care but near and dear ones cannot stay closure always. And this conditioning leads the way for professionals to make friends with elder people. Undoubtedly, this is a free gift to those who study Gerontology pogrammes.

A qualification in Gerontology make you eligible to work with elders and learn a lot from their experiences and you get a true satisfaction of helping a person who is most needy. Social work combined with expert skills to help emotional, physical and psychological issues of aging holds bright career prospects as Gerontologists. Gerontology is a multidisciplinary field that draws from the knowledge of many professionals to provide expert care and advice to people, as they grow older.

Specializations in the Gerontology Careers

  • Research Gerontologists perform research on the aging process.
  • Applied Gerontologists or Gerontologist Counselors work directly with the elderly.
  • Administrative Gerontologists develop and coordinate programs and services for the elderly.

Role of Gerontologists

  • Counseling older adults,
  • Challenging common misconceptions about the aging,
  • Researching the effects of aging or diseases that affect older adults,
  • Teaching in a university setting,
  • Advocating better services and care for the aging.

Skills of Gerontologists

Compassion: Gerontologists work with elderly people they must have compassion and empathy for them.
Listening skills: Gerontologists should listen to their clients about challenges in their lives to effectively help and understand their clients’ needs.
Organizational skills: Helping and managing multiple clients, often assisting with their paperwork or documenting their treatment, requires good organizational skills.
Problem-solving skills: Gerontologists need to develop practical and innovative solutions to their clients’ problems.

Some Job Titles

Social and Health Services Assistants, Social Worker, Nursing and Home Health Aides, Health Care Professionals, Medical and Health Services Managers, Social Scientists

Where to study

Gerontology is a study discipline associated with Psychology. You can pursue a bachelor’s in Psychology with specialization in Gerontology. Further you can pursue a masters or research programme. There are many schools worldwide offering courses in Gerontology. For exclusive details and to chose suitable programmes go to University Hub.

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