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“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” – Ralph Lauren

Are you really passionate about making your career in Fashion Designing? An artistic attitude and keeping tab of fashion trends are a few traits needed to be successful in this field.
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  • Are you creative?
  • Do you have passion for innovation?
  • Do you enjoy being a fashion stylist?
If answer to all the above questions is a yes, then a career in Fashion designing is a right choice for you. Let us now fill you in with the details about this occupation.

A fashion designer is one who gives shape to his creativity by putting down those designs on paper in the form of sketches, selects the best suitable and fashionable material or fabric and pattern to make it a reality and the fabric is later sewed as per the designer’s instructions. You may have to start playing the hardball, by using your talent and creativity appropriately, if you want to stay in this glamorous world. A fashion designer needs to be pro at his/her work.

The fashion industry offers a plethora of opportunities to specialize; some of them are listed below:

Types of Fashion Designer

  1. Footwear Designer – Specialized designer that designs footwear like shoes, sandals, boots. There is a good market for designers who can invent designs, and use the modern technologies like light weight material.
  2. Accessory Designer –The designers who invent new and attractive accessory designs like fancy handbags, belts, suitcases, scarves, hays, eye wear and hosiery items.
  3. Costume Designer – Costume Designers, design and research costumes for the artists involved in  performing arts like television artists, motion picture artists, stage artists to name a few.
  4. Dress or Clothing Designer –The designers design, new creative designs for men, women and children apparels for different occasions. 

Role of a Fashion Designer

  • A fashion designer needs to study current fashion trend, consumer requirement and market trends. On the basis of this research work they may be asked to produce reports predicting the future fashion trends. 
  • The fashion designers as a team have to produce designs in the form of sketches and to create prototypes by using inexpensive material or fabric.
  • Fashion designers have to prepare sketches of their design via, Computer aided design (CAD) software which gives them a virtual environment to work.
  • Fashion designers visit trade shows, manufacturers, market, etc. to get the right fabric for their design.
  • Fashion Designers displays created samples in front of editors, creative directors and the people of fashion world by fashion shows and model ramp walks.
  • Fashion designers are responsible for the final check of the produced product before the launch.
  • You should believe that you can get an edge over the other fashion designers with your go getter attitude.

Skills Required to be a Fashion Designer

  • Creativity – A fashion designer should use unique ideas to create designs with the use of materials and colors.
  • Technical Skills – A fashion designer should possess the knowledge about the textiles, process, fabrics sewing and pattern making.
  • Computer Knowledge – A fashion designer should be a whiz at the computer. Knowledge of Computer Aided Design software is mandatory.
  • Artistic Skill – A fashion designer should be able to produce the designs in the form of sketch with the detailed work.
  • Detail Oriented – A fashion designer should have an eye for detail, so as to  produce the sketch with the detailing which includes designing, coloring or pattern making.
  • Decision Making – A fashion designer need to take decision regarding design materials to give ensemble a unique look.
  • Team Player – A fashion designer should be a team player.

Pros & Cons

  • You can work as a freelancer or be self employed or a salaried employee.
  • You can earn good, after gaining some experience.
  • Invention of new designs and learning makes the job interesting.
  • A salaried job can give you financial stability.
  • You should be flexible enough to relocate. 
  • Beginner may face some problem if they are self employed or a freelancer.
  • Strict deadlines and work pressure.
  • Freelance fashion designers’ work is contractual and need to work for longer hours to meet deadline.
  • This job may include traveling.

Some Job Titles

  • Fashion Designer
  • Creative Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Sewers and Tailors
  • Pattern Maker
  • Technical Designer
  • Merchandiser

Where to study

Fashion diplomas and bachelor's, master's degree programmes are highly popular. There are many public institutes worldwide and independent institutions. Normally student enroll for a fashion design programme after High School diploma. To find a suitable study programme go to University Hub

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