Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers as Career

Can you make people listen to you; do you have abilities to leave a memory in people's mind within few minutes of attraction, or can you tell people a story through written words, voice message, graphics or a video that people would love to hear and hear again and tell to friends and neighbors. If you can, the world of advertising, product promotions and marketing is fodder for you. Good communication skills; ability to work under pressure and creative skills are some common traits that advertising industry looks for in a competent advertising manager. Domain knowledge is a must to get your feet wet in the world of advertising. This profession is highly rewarding for deserving candidates as well as challenging. 

Some of the top industries where you can get hired are:
  • Advertising, public relations, and related services
  • Management of companies and enterprises
  • Information
  • Wholesale trade
However, every enterprise need a product manager and qualified marketer. Hence opportunities are enormous.

There are various prospects to specialize, you can specialize in one of the following:

Advertising Managers
create interest among potential buyers of a product or service for a department, for an entire organization, or on a project basis (account). Advertising and promotions managers also known as Account Executive are needed to plan, direct, and coordinate advertising and promotion campaigns, as well as to introduce new products to the marketplace.

Marketing Managers estimate the demand for products and services that an organization and its competitors offer. They identify potential markets for the organization’s products.

Promotions Managers direct programs that combine advertising with purchasing incentives to increase sales. Often, the programs use direct mail, inserts in newspapers, Internet advertisements, in-store displays, product endorsements, or special events to target customers.

Role of Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are typically involved in the following tasks:
  • Discussions with staff for the selection of media to advertise in, such as radio, television, print, online, and billboards
  • Negotiate advertising contracts
  • Examine  campaign layouts
  • Conduct market research studies and analyze their findings
  • Develop pricing strategies for products to be marketed
  • Meet with clients to provide marketing or technical advice
  • Advertising managers create interest among potential buyers of a product or service for a department, for an entire organization, or on a project basis (account).

Skills needed Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Decision-making Skills: Managers often must choose between competing advertising and marketing strategies put forward by staff.
Interpersonal Skills: These managers must deal with a range of people in different roles, both inside and outside the organization thus interpersonal skills are essential.
Management Skills: Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers must manage their time and budget efficiently while directing and motivating staff members.
Communication skills: They should have both oral and written so as to convey messages to the public as well as managers and staff.

Related Job Titles of Marketing Managers:

Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Vice President of Marketing, Business Development Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Account Supervisor, Business Development Director, Commercial Lines Manager, Commercial Marketing Specialist, Market Development Manager

Related Job Titles of Advertising and Promotions Managers:

Advertising Manager, Promotions Director, Advertising Director, Classified Advertising Manager, Marketing Director, Account Executive, Retail Advertising Sales Manager, Advertising Sales Manager, Marketing and Promotions Manager, Marketing Manager.

Where to study Advertising and Marketing

Various programmes are offered worldwide in advertising and marketing mainly through Masscomm schools, B-Schools and MBA Schools. You can get a diploma, certificate, degree or masters in Advertising and Marketing. To find a programme in Advertising and Marketing browse through our University Hub

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