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If internet world attracts you and there is curiosity about how the websites work, what is the software used to make your web surfing experience so wonderful; then check out this career option related to website development. Web Developers are the professionals responsible for website development of company or its clienteles. Making site ranking on search engines is also job of web developers but nowadays because of market competition a separate group of web developers called web producers or SEO looks after site ranking and other similar aspects.  Generally, a web developer performs the following activities:
  • Talk with managers and clients to understand requirements before embarking on a web development task.
  • Present demos to clients and add suggestions.
  • Build, test and deploy the site.
  • Work in codes like, html, xml, php, javascript etc.
  • Works with graphics, layout design, texts and deliver a site which should be attractive and useful for site users.
  • Responsible for website traffic and business promotion via means of website, like sending weekly newsletters etc. to customers.  

Skills Required for Web Developers

Academic Requirements: Bachelor's degree in computer sciences or an engineering degree in computer engineering or a degree in information sciences is minimum requirement to be successful Web Developer. Candidates with Associates’ degree in computers or information technology also get hired for role of web developer. People with higher qualification like an MS or Ph.D finds job options as tester or web architect, web planner etc. in IT departments of government and private companies.

Personal Skills
To be successful in career one needs to possess the following personality traits:

Concentration - Web Developers should have excellent concentration power so as to sit in front of computer and write code.  

Creative- Web Developers should be creative and keep the website up-to-date.

Team Worker- Web Developers works in team, they must need to be a good team worker.
Communication Skills- Web Developers should have good communication skills as they work on different sections of the website with various other co-workers. They should have good writing and designing skills to present clear papers which other team workers could fully understand.

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