Career as Psychiatrist

Good people skills and your inclination to help people could land you a career that suits your aptitude as psychiatrist.  Psychiatry offer a challenging and stimulating career that could help a wide variety of people with their problems and concerns. Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses and also serve as the medical experts for the mind/brain/body interface.

Sub-specialties within Psychiatry

There is enormous variety within psychiatry. You could be treating people suffering from numerous mental health problems including:
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry,
  • Geriatric psychiatry,
  • Clinical neurophysiology,
  • Psychosomatic medicine,
  • Addiction psychiatry,
  • Pain management and
  • Forensic Psychiatry

Role of Psychiatrists

  • Assess, diagnose and treat patients suffering from acute mental disorders
  • Give medications and other treatments
  • Performing psychotherapy
  • Meeting and evaluating new clients
  • Completing paperwork and consulting with other members of a mental health treatment team.

Skills needed to be Psychiatrists

Active Listening:  Giving full attention to what patient is saying, taking time to understand the points being made.
Social Perceptiveness: Being aware of patients’ reactions and understanding why they react as they do.
Compassion: Psychiatrists spend much of their time interacting with patients; they should be caring and want to help people.
Interpersonal Skills: Psychiatric should be able to develop a rapport with patients to evaluate their condition and provide treatment.
Patience: Working with the mentally ill can be emotionally challenging. Psychiatrists must be able to stay calm and be helpful.

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