Podiatrists as Career

If you have an interest in healthcare profession but want flexible working hours and good prospects then try to gain more information about career as Podiatrists and see if it is a right fir for you.

The physicians who diagnose conditions of the foot and ankle are podiatrists. The podiatrist can prescribe treatments and medications and perform surgeries on the foot. Prospective podiatrists must undergo intensive training for a career as a podiatrist.


  • Podiatric Sports Medicine: Treatment and prevention of foot and ankle injuries commonly encountered by athletes.
  • Pediatric Care Podiatrists: Provide treatment to children with foot and lower-leg health problems.
  • Advanced Surgical Podiatrists: Perform advanced surgeries, such as foot and ankle reconstruction.

Role of Podiatrists

  • Perform foot and ankle surgeries, such as removing bone spurs.
  • Offer advice and instruction on foot and ankle care.
  • Prescribe medications.
  • Refer patients to physicians or specialists if they detect larger health problems, such as diabetes.
  • Read journals and attend conferences to keep up with advances in podiatric medicine.
  • Formulation of care planning and provision of direct care as deemed appropriate and agreed to by the individual.

Skills needed to be Podiatrist

Critical Thinking Skills: Podiatrists must have a sharp, analytical mind to correctly diagnose a patient and determine the best course of treatment.
Patience: Dealing with injuries, illnesses, and disabilities is frustrating for many people. Podiatrist should be patient in order to provide quality care from the people they serve.
Communication Skills: They should be able to listen well and communicate effectively.
Compassion: Podiatrists should be calm and understanding as they are usually drawn to the profession by a desire to help people and improve the daily lives of others.
Good Organization Skills: They should be able to organize office work and schedule their appointments systematically.
Detail Oriented: To provide safe, effective healthcare, a podiatrist should be detail oriented. For example, a podiatrist must pay attention to a patient’s medical history as well as current condition when diagnosing a problem and deciding on a treatment.

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