Network and Computer Systems Administrators

The Network and Computer Systems Administrators are professionals responsible for smooth function of computer network lines in an office and business settings. They look after Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Intranet and other data transfer systems.  They maintain servers and make sure that data storage system and communications systems work smoothly. Often Network and Communication Systems Administrators are also made responsible for maintenance of telecommunication lines. In many organizations they work with network architects and helps in designing and testing of network models. Network and Computer Systems Administrators also work as technical support staff helping customers related network problems.

Role of Network and Computer Systems Administrators

The Network and Computer Systems Administrators performs following types of activities:

  • Finds out the requirements of an organization related network and computer systems.
  • Install hardware and software and looks after maintenance and repair.
  • Responsible for computer systems security and operation.
  • Gather data related system performance and modifies computer networks for optimum performance.
  • Train human resources regarding uses of hardware and software.
  • Troubleshoot problems related a computer networks.

 Skills Required for Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Academic Requirements: Minimum bachelor’s degree qualification in computer sciences, computer engineering, or diploma level qualification in computer engineering is required to become Network and Computer Systems Administrators. Candidates who obtain other professional qualification after 12 years of school education like a certificate in computer hardware and software may also apply for job at junior level in the industry.

Personal  Skills

Analytical skills- The work of computer systems administrators requires analyzing computers' performance and improving on them. They need critical analytical skills to determine why a computer network is low performing and how to improve efficiency.

Communication skills- Good communication skills both written and verbal is required as computer systems administrators work in team, they require giving instructions to fellow team members and help others in the company.

Computer skills- Excellent computer hardware and software skills as well as problem solving skills are must to be successful as computer systems administrators. They also need to be capable in handling many tasks at a time, a must requirement during network outages.

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