Information Security Analysts

Information Security Analysts works with Information Technology i.e, IT Department of a company. They prevent  the organization's IT infrastructure from thieves and hackers. They need to think and act always a step ahead by means of hacking and cracking their own securities to test vulnerabilities form threats and fix them before any mishap happens. Also in times of a cyber attack it’s the responsibility of Information Security Analysts to study causes and reasons of attack, minimize losses and suggest management regarding implementation of new tools as to prevent any future calamity. Guarding information system of a company is prime responsibility of Information Security Analysts. These professionals work with other IT engineers, programmers, scientists and web developers suggesting and taking suggestions regarding various aspects of information security.

Role of Information Security Analysts

The Information Security Analysts performs following activities in a company –
  • Study company’s IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities.
  • Suggest developments in infrastructure so as to prevent it from hackers and thieves.
  • In case of an IT calamity, to study causes of disaster and implies ways and tools to prevent IT resources from future misuse.
  • Suggesting business managers regarding new tools and ways and how a company should benefit from these.
  • Training new IT recruits.
  • Working in close liaison with web developers, programmers, Database Administrators and other staff.

Skills Required to be an Information Security Analyst

Academic requirement: Bachelors degree in computer sciences or an engineering degree in computer engineering or a degree in information sciences is minimum requirement to be successful Information Security Analyst. Higher qualification like an MS or PhD have an edge over others in the industry while applying for job. Internship also plays a crucial role.

Personal Skills

To be successful in career one needs to possess the following personality traits:

Learning  New Techniques -
Information Security Analysts must possess grasping and learning new techniques to answer to security related questions.

Problem Solver- Information Security Analysts must be strong in understanding the problems and coming up with alternate solutions for them.

Critical Thinking Abilities- Information Security Analysts should  be able to think logically and reason out the solution.

Team Worker- Information Security Analysts works in team, he / she should  to be a good team worker.
Good Listener - Information Security Analysts should be good listener so as to understand the problems faced by other coworkers in a team or  fellow engineers.

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