Career in Health and Safety Engineering

Over exploitation of anything is bad, it causes worst effects. When technology reaches in the hands of people without information they start using it mindlessly. Obviously results cannot be expected in favor. However, without sending technology to everyone its use will be limited. So on one hand we need to give technology to everyone but on the other hand we need to make controlled use of the same so it does not cause ill effects to life. This is where Health and Safety Engineering comes to work. The health engineers applies the know-how of health, safety and system engineering to ensure that technology in use must not cause damage to life in any form. 100% damage control could not be a reality but sensible use technology could be used in best practices while causing least damage that should not be irreversible. The services of Health and Safety Engineers are taken by government and private agencies worldwide.

Role of a Health and Safety Engineer

A health and safety engineer performs the following activities –
  • Check specifications of new machine to make sure it would not harm the people using it.
  • Check machines, facilities and other safety equipment to fix if these adhere to safety norms.
  • Analyze the industrial control mechanism.
  • Make sure that a product or building adheres to safety norms.
  • Install and direct the installation process of safety devices.
  • Analyzes the workers safety programs and suggests for necessary improvements.
  • Apply knowledge of safety policies, regulations and industrial processes in a system.

Skills Required for Health and Safety Engineer

Academic Skills: Bachelor’s degree holder in electrical, chemical, mechanical, industrial and related disciplines are employed as health and safety engineers in industry. Universities in different locations offer these programs in plenty. Students interested in health and safety engineering career need to study mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology at K-12 / High School standard. Those interested in graduate qualification in health and safety engineering must require to possess bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline.

Personal Skills Required to be Health and Safety Engineer

  • Safety Engineers should be curious, logical, and detail-oriented.
  • Good communication skills are always a plus as many projects require group input.
  • One needs sound knowledge in mathematics and sciences which is ultimate to solve highly technical problems.
  • One should be able to correlate the machines with men so as to ensure safety.

Health and Safety Engineering is interdisciplinary work area where one must have knowledge in various engineering like mechanical, electrical, industrial as well as basic sciences like mathematics and physics. The work opportunities for health and safety engineers are available in plenty.

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