Computer Systems Analysts

The computer system analysts find ways to utilize technology in business more effectively and efficiently. They analyze the business model of a company and computers and IT capabilities in use, thereby suggesting or recommending management to bridge the gap between computers and businesses for better yields. The computer system analysts practice different methodologies like data modeling etc. to design computer and IT networks. They also work towards improving efficiency and communication capabilities in an organization. The IT team of a company also seeks advice from computer system analysts for better networking of computers.

The computer systems analysts works in broad but defined environment. For example, computer systems analysts in a major hospital concentrates on how to organize computing to connect with doctors, paramedics, nurses and patients to improve hospital communication network and thereby to improve on patient care facilities. The job of computer systems analysts is all about amalgamation of products and services with computing networks to yield better results. They works under different sub categories like system architects, system analysts, system designers, software quality assurance (QA), Software Quality Control (QC) and program analysts etc.

Role of Computer Systems Analysts

In work environment computers system analysts perform the following types of activities:
  • Liaison with senior managers and IT staff to determine influence of computers and IT in company’s business.
  •  Research on different technologies to find out if implementing those in business environment will improve business capabilities.
  • Does cost estimation related implementation of a computer service and determine financial gains to business from it.
  • Design and implement new hardware and software capabilities to be used by the business or company
  • Offer training to working staff related to computer and ICT uses in business.

Skills Required for Computer Systems Analysts

Academic requirement: A graduate degree in computer sciences / information sciences is minimum requirement to start working as computer system analysts. Those who obtain MBA after graduation in computer sciences 3 / 4 years degree program are given preference in industry.

Personal Skills

To be successful in career one needs to possess the following personality traits:

Good Planner- Computer Systems Analysts must possess sound Maths, cost and planning skills to give the best solution for installing the new computer systems.

Business Skill Requirements- Computer Systems Analysts must be good in numbers to predetermine what a project will cost and how a company or government will benefit from it.

Problem Solving Abilities- Computer Systems Analysts should  have strong  analytical  and  problem solving skills.

Team Worker- Computer Systems Analysts should be able to coordinate well with others.
Writing Skills- Computer Systems Analysts  should have good writing and designing skills.

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