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Believe it or not, Extra Curricular Activities form an important part of a student's life. However, with the growing competition many parents stop their children from indulging in them. In fact, extra curricular activities are seen as 'time wasters' as parents and students think that they are useless and one cannot achieve anything from them. This hypothesis is actually myth and students can make a very successful career out of Extra curricular activities. Read below to know more.

What are Extracurricular Activities?

Extracurricular activities are those which exist outside the domain of normal curriculum of school or college education. They are to be performed by students and exists at all the levels of education starting from grade 1st, junior school, high school, college to university education and much more. These activities are mostly voluntary and are unlike the mandatory tasks.

History of Extra Curricular Activities

The history of Extra Curricular Activities have been quite interesting over the years. It made its first appearance in the colleges during the 19th century and complemented the study curriculum. Moreover, students found the activities really interesting and they used it for both practical as well as vocational interests. The first extracurricular activity was in form of a student literary society. These have their roots in the previous century at Harvard and the Yale Universities.

Benefits of Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are important for working and for learning as well. We find parents telling and encouraging their teens to study more and play less. All this is done in pursuit of a goal. The parents believe that devoting quality time in studies would surely bring success in future.

However, apart from the books and e-learning, there is something more which can attract and help in well-rounded education. Some major activities under extra curricular include basketball, baseball, drama, student government, choir, computer clubs and much more. Enrolling in them and playing these games can highly affect studies. It can make learning easier and comfortable. Moreover, students can also make them as their career.

Besides being a stress releaser, these activities also boosts socializing with peers and enhances student’s time management and the stress management skills. Furthermore, the extra curricular activities also helps to aggravate a candidate’s appeal while applying for admission in a college.

It is to be understood that students participating in extracurricular works are held to a higher strata. They know the method of living in groups by developing leadership skills and managing tensions in easier way.

Opting for Extra Curricular Activities as Career Choice

Yes, you read it right. extra curricular activities can be opted as career choice. The amazing part of this is, you are making money out of your hobby!

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Yes, more interesting when you actually do it. Life is all about having fun and this option is for people who do not want to go for traditional career choice. It is for people who want to try unconventional methods as profession. Thus, making extra curricular activities, such as dance, arts, acting, painting, singing, sports, cricket etc. can be your career choice. 

So, rock the world!

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