Architects, Landscape Architects and Civil Drafters

Architects apply engineering principles to the construction, planning, and design of buildings and other structures. Some architects specialize in landscape architecture. These architects work in planning, design and direction of a landscape, garden, or distinct space.

Role of Architects & Landscape Architects

The architects work in team with other engineers and architects, who focus on function layout or aesthetics of building or a project.

Architects focus on several areas including:

  • the structural integrity of buildings
  • the design and analysis of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems,
  • efficiency and design of plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems,
  • acoustic and lighting planning, and
  • energy conservation issues.

Skills Required for Architects & Landscape Architects

Academically Architects & Landscape Architects need to possess a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree i.e., M.Arch./B.Arch to start working as Architects & Landscape Architects. Besides training in architectural engineering one need to posses following abilities to be successful abilities-

Analytical skills- The architects must understand the design content and its context, for example how a mechanical system would impact on building environment.

Creativity- The key to be successful in architecture is that your design should be eye pleasing.

Technical skills- Competency in computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs is must.

Communication skills- Architects require good communicator both oral and written so fellow worker can listen you and understand your designs to get effective results.

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