Administrative Services Managers

If you want to be in that part of Management where most of the action takes place backhand so that facility could operate smoothly then consider becoming- Administrative Services Managers. You should have the knack to coordinate several activities at once, quickly analyze and resolve specific problems, and cope with deadlines.

These managers are involved in various tasks that include operations and maintenance, management of human and environmental factors, technology integration etc. An organization may have several managers who oversee activities that meet the needs of multiple departments, such as mail, printing and copying, record-keeping, security, building maintenance, and recycling. The following are examples types of administrative service managers:
  • Contract administrators handle buying, storing, and distributing equipment and supplies. They also oversee getting rid of surplus or unclaimed property.
  • Facility managers oversee buildings, grounds, equipment, and supplies. Their duties fall into several categories, including overseeing operations and maintenance, planning and managing projects, and dealing with environmental factors.

Role of Administrative Services Managers

Depending on the organization, facility managers’ responsibilities vary, following are the typical tasks an Administrative Services Manager perform:
  • Facility function,
  • Quality assessment,
  • Finance, project planning and management,
  • Space and workplace planning,
  • Purchase and sale of real estate,
  • Renovations, architectural planning and design,
  • Lease management, and budgeting
  • Compliance with government regulations in terms of environmental, health, and security standards,
  • Supervise clerical and administrative personnel.

Skills of Administrative Services Managers

Communication Skills: Much of an administrative services manager’s time is spent working with other people. Therefore, communication is a key quality.

Organizational & Leadership Skills: Administrative services managers should have an excellent organizational skills and should be able to give directions to subordinates clearly as leader.

Business Acumen: Administrative Services Managers’ involvement in renovation, budget and planning of facility makes it essential to have good business acumen.

Planning & Management: As Administrative Services Managers, supervise employees as well as design, plan, and manage buildings, supplies, grounds, and equipment thus they should have vision and skills of administrative management.

Some Popular Titles:

  • Business Office Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Administrative Services Managers

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