K-12 Education System in Andorra

The Ministry of Education of the Principality of Andorra manages the K-12 education system in Andorra. The K-12 education system in Andorra starts with maternal education, followed by compulsory primary and secondary education, and then the optional high school education.

Understanding the Andorran K-12 Education System

Maternal Education

Maternal education in Andorra is not compulsory, and is offered by nurseries and kindergartens. This educational level prepares children for school education. This educational level uses the fundamental means of expression- gesture, speech, movement, etc, and emphasises on play, and psychomotor, intellectual and emotional development of the child. 
  • Admission requirements: Children whose age of 3 years at the commencement of the school year are eligible for maternal education. 
  • Ages: 3 to 6 years
This education level is divided into two groups:
  • Group 1 caters to children aged 3 to 4. In this group, the language of instruction is Catalan.
  • Group 2 caters to children aged 4 to 6. In this group, French is introduced.

Primary Education/ First Teaching

Primary education in Andorra is compulsory to attend. In the Catalan system, the primary education is of 6 years. This educational level provides basic mathematics and language skills. Also, it emphasizes on understanding of the social and physical environment. This educational level enables pupils to develop problem-solving, creative, artistic, and language skills.
  • Ages: 6 to 11
  • Grades: 1 to 6
In the French system, this educational level is of 5 years duration, while in the Spanish system of education, it is of 6 years duration.

Primary education in Andorra is divided into three cycles of 2 years each:
  • First cycle is for children aged 6 to 8. 
  • Second cycle is for children aged 8 to 10. 
  • Third cycle is for children aged 10 to 12
Languages: In the first cycle, activities are held in French and Catalan.  In the second and third cycles, English is used by a Specialist English teacher. In the third cycle, Spanish is also introduced. 

Curriculum: Mathematics, social sciences, plastic, science and technology, physical education, music, and languages. 

Certificate awarded: Certificate of studies (Certificat d'Estudis)

Secondary Education/ Lower Secondary

Students who have completed compulsory schooling are eligible for lower secondary education in Andorra. Lower secondary education in Andorra is compulsory to attend. 
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Ages: 12 to 16
  • Grades: 7 to 10
This educational level is divided into two cycles:
  • First cycle is for children aged 12 to 14
  • Second cycle is for children aged 14 to 16
Curriculum: Mathematics, physical education, social science and humanities, technology, artistic and musical education, nature and physical science, physical education, language, literature and communication codes.
At this level, the languages-French, Catalan, English and Spanish are taught by a specialist teacher of each language. 

Certificate awarded: Secondary education graduate (Graduat en Segona Ensenyanca)

High School Education/Upper Secondary

Students who have completed compulsory lower secondary education are eligible for upper secondary education in Andorra. This educational level is optional, and prepares students for university studies. 
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Ages: 16 to 18
  • Grades: 10 to 12
The upper secondary education offers three types of specializations: 
  • Science and technology
  • Social science and economics
  • Languages and humanities
  • Art and communication
Curriculum (Andorran school): Mathematics, Catalan, music, social sciences, computer and technology, English, French, art, natural sciences, and Spanish. 

Distribution per subject:

Scientific-technological baccalaureate
  • Common subjects: English, biology, Catalan, mathematics, information and technology, French or Spanish, and philosophy
  • Optional subjects (Choose any two): Technical drawing, earth sciences, chemistry, electronics, mechanics, 
Humanities and languages
  • Common subjects: Catalan, history, Castilian, philosophy, history of literature, French, English, and Latin. 
  • Optional subjects (Choose two): Art history, German, drawing, Greek, design and frame, and history of philosophy. 
Economic and Social Baccalaureate
  • Common subjects: Catalan, history, philosophy, economy, English, geography, applied mathematics, Castilian or French, and social science. 
  • Optional subjects (choose two): Information and technology, history of literature, Italian or German, art history, management and administration.
Baccalaureate art and communication
  • Common subjects: Language and literature, history and arts, French language and literature, philosophy, English language and literature, arts and history, audiovisual and communication, physical education, Spanish language and literature, graphics arts.
  • Optional subjects (choose two): Cinema, Italian, advertising, technical drawing, theatre, music, Portuguese, design basics, and German. 


At the end of high school, students are required to take an Official baccalaureate test (POB). Students who pass this test receive the bachelor's degree or Baccalaureate (Batxillerat) with mention of specialization. Students must score at least 5 out of 10.

Admission Requirements

Students who want to undertake secondary education in Andorra must be below 19 years of age and have completed lower secondary education. Students must be citizens of Andorra. If the student has a different educational system background, other than Andorran system, in that case, he/she must demonstrate their proficiency levels of Marc languages European Common Reference. 
  • For Catalan, Spanish and French language proficiency, level B1 is required. 
Applying Ways and Means: Apply directly to the school of your choice. Fill in the registration form that can be taken from the school. 

Vocational Education

Students after completion of lower secondary education can go for vocational education. This educational level provides training in a specific trade. It prepares students for the labor market. This education can be taken through classroom training or through training in the company. 
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Ages: 16 to 18
Areas: Vocational diplomas can be taken in the following areas:
  • Leisure and sports
  • Microcomputers and networks
  • Secretarial multilingual
  • Social and health professionals
  • Aesthetics, perfumes and costumes
Language of instruction: The language of instruction of all subjects is Catalan. 

Admission requirements: Students must be aged 16 and hold a secondary education degree (lower secondary) or an equivalent qualification. Students must be the citizen of Andorra or legally residing in Andorra.

Applying ways and means: Apply directly to the vocational centre of your choice. Fill the registration form and submit it to the centre.

Certificate awarded: Diploma of Vocational Education (DEP, or Diploma d’Ensenyament Professional)/Batxillerat Professional (BP) 

Secondary Professional

Secondary professional education is a part of the post-compulsory education in Andorra. This education is offered in the following areas:
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Socio Animation
  • Secretarial multilingual
  • Aesthetics, perfume and cosmetics
Language of instruction: Catalan

Requirements: Candidates must be aged 18 or above, and hold a high school diploma or its equivalent. Also, the candidate must be a citizen of Andorra, or legally residing in Andorra and must possess a valid work permit. 

Certificate awarded: Professional baccalaureate (BP) - this is the second diploma of vocational education in Andorra. This qualification allows the students to go for higher studies or enter the workforce.
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