A list of Top 10 most Educated Countries in the World

The Education sector has always been an important sector and for each country, this sector bears a tremendous amount of significance. In fact, the growth and development of a nation depends on the literacy rate of its citizens. The higher literacy rate is an indicator for growth of a nation, and subsequently higher is the development rate also. Therefore, it is true that 90% of all developed countries in the world have very high literacy percentage.

Without education a country cannot expect to make progress and thereby, cannot survive the competition of growing technology. So whether it is past, present or future, Education is the prime factor that leading to advanced and civilized nations. In this article, literacy rate of Top 10 most educated countries of the world has been given. And from this list it can be clearly understood that these 10 countries are the most developed nations in the world. These countries are basically those nations where one can find the best universities and schools. As a matter of fact, students from around the world come to study here.

Ten Most Educated Countries in the World       

  1. Canada with 51 % territory education  
  2. Israel with 46 % territory education
  3. Japan with 45 % territory education 
  4. United States with 42 % territory education 
  5. New Zealand with 41 % territory education 
  6. South Korea with 40 % territory education
  7. United Kingdom with 38 % territory education
  8. Finland with 38 % territory education
  9. Australia with 38 % territory education
  10. Ireland with 37 % territory education 
The difference between literacy rate of developing  nations and the underdeveloped nations is huge. While the developed nations earn respect for their education and culture, the undeveloped nations are discriminated. Literacy rate in Canada is the highest as compared to other nations of the world. In Canada, English is the official language and the tertiary education percentage is 51% with a high GDP. 

Source - www.whichcountry.co/education-in-different-countries/
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