Know Education Now


World Education Network "WEN" is a unique network of more than 200 Educational portals covering the all the continents and countries of the globe.


Our company Pragati Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. "PIPL" had first started a similar network of 47 educational portals for India in the year 2000. After its huge success, this network was acquired by a USA based NYSE listed company in 2012.


On similar footings, we have now conceived and launched the World Education Network "WEN" - a network of educational portal for each and every country of the world. We, nurture the dream of making this network - a one stop destination for all education related information in an identical manner for each and every country of the world. Be it the smallest country like Vatican City or the largest one like China – we've endeavoured to cover education related information of each and every country in the simplest manner so that one can make easy use of the same.


For students and other information seekers– we'll try to integrate whole plethora of information about the entire gamut of education, careers and related matters besides many useful resources.


"WEN" is offering a host of free services for the educational services providers on its country wise network sites. Some of these are:-

  1. Free Classified Ads.
  2. Free Articles.
  3. Free Press releases.
  4. Free Events postings.
  5. Free Results Hosting.


We are soon launching an institutes listing platform with integrated review and ratings etc. on international level.


There were a host of other free services for all educational institutes etc. besides the above..


All the above is certainly a gigantic task, particularly when it comes to covering the above information about each and every country of the world but we have firm determination to achieve this feat over the next few years


We are working with a clear objective of providing all education related information and resources without any charges to the Students and the information seekers. In this odyssey – we invite all the Academicians, Institutes, Individuals and other Organizations to help us build this network to the highest expectations of everyone.


We are in the process of hiring a team of Free Lancers and Content writers from all over the world who can help us in achieving this massive task.

We invite the Freelancers/ writers from all over the world in general and each and every country in particular to get in touch with us.


We also invite the entire educational fraternity to submit their articles , Press Releases, suggestions and feedback to us so that we can try to meet everyone’s needs and expectations.