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Living and studying overseas is expected to be an inspiring, exhilarating, and a rewarding experience. But at least initially, you must be anxious, nervous and confused at the same time have many queries. But with proper guidance and little bit patience it prove to be lifetime experience

For a student traveling overseas to study, it becomes difficult as he has to adapt to a new place, new culture and perhaps a new language, all at the same time.

Most of the universities nowadays have a dedicated International Student Support Office. The International Student Support Office is dedicated to advising and supporting overseas students.

International student officers can provide information and advice about:
  • Your arrival
  • Orientation
  • Life and studies with us
  • Employment and Medical Insurance
  • Community and government services
  • Support for spouses, partners and families.
  • Other university support services, including language and learning advice, counseling and careers advice.

Before you arrive

Many universities now offer welcome pack or guide exclusively designed for international students. The guide may be sent to by mail or is available online, once you have admitted to the university. This guide contains useful information about preparing for studying abroad and what to expect when you arrive.

This guide may cover topics such as accommodation options, tuition fee payments, medical insurance, visa requirements, cost of living, part-time employment and suggestion on things to carry with you.

There guide also explain how things work at the university, including a list of important online resources, information about administrative departments and campus facilities.

You are anxious and have many queries about other aspects of student life. To help the students in such situations, a large number of universities have come up with “student mentoring schemes” that starts long before the arrival. As a part of this scheme, fresh students are matched up with students already studying at the university, who can communicate usually via email and get answer to all their queries.

The idea behind this is to make sure that new students feel at home before they even arrive, and know that there will be at least one known face to welcome them.

After  you arrive

Once you have confirmed your travel details be sure to contact the International Student Support Officer on your campus. A University representative will meet you on your arrival. After you arrive, visit your department to collect your registration instructions and visit the International Student Office to attend your arrival briefing.

The staff is very cooperative and helps you deal with various issues with support from the adviser. The most common problems addressed by international student advisers are culture shock, language difficulties, unfamiliar academic or grading systems, immigration, insurance and health problems.

Open a bank account

Visit the International Student Office as soon as you arrive regarding information to open your bank account.

Original academic documents

Please check your offer letter to see if you are required to show original academic documents before you initiate registration. If you are required to show your documents, please take them to the relevant department.

Student ID card

After you have completed the registration process and printed out your registration certificate you will be able to collect your ID card from the Student Services Centre. Do not forget to carry your passport and registration certificate to show when you collect your ID card.


Usually the university or college has its own hostels or apartments. But if due to some reason you are unable to find one for yourself then International Student Office can help you.

Career support

International Student Support Officer can help you deal with issues like careers and employment service options and help you improve your job-seeking skills through opportunities like:
  • Career planning
  • Work placement and internships
  • Voluntary work experience
  • Mentoring.
To help you settle apart from the support staff and other students, there’s another option: members of the local community. This type of support is available for international students. Through this scheme the students stay with local families. The ‘host’ family offers friendship and hospitality. The idea behind this scheme is to promote cultural exchange, and help international students feel more fully immersed in and welcomed into the surrounding community.
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