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When it comes to studying in Singapore, one can find universities that offer world-class education. Singapore is a big player in terms of education and research and it has an excellent economy, multi-cultural population and an excellent quality of life. Be it an undergraduate degree or even a masters course, you will find that the city has a huge number of international students. It could be expats who have made the city their home or even students coming from different corners of the world, hoping to carve out a niche for themselves.

The biggest attraction here is that the city offers you a wide number of choices when it comes to jobs and internships. So post your education, you have a fair chance of scoring well with any of the world leaders in terms of architecture or even engineering or even as a teacher. It is also a fashion hub so plenty of scope in that area too. Singapore is also defined as the gateway between the east and west.

One of the biggest benefits that an international student has is that most of the courses are taught  in English. Even with a huge Chinese, Malay, and Tamil population English is widely spoken and understood by 75% of the five million population. With larger number of students applying to the universities, Singapore is aiming to restrict the number of international students as its local population is increasing. Foreign enrolment at Singapore's universities is going to be reduced while 2,000 new university places are going to be added for local students.

Other Reasons to study in Singapore

Singapore is rated as one of the safest places to study in Asia and has a very low rate of crime. With a stable government and peaceful society, the last thing you should worry about is unrest. Of course, there can be some phone scams or internet scams but in general, crime against students and tourists are very low. Also, this is one of the very rare cities that is extremely clean. You will have to deal with very strict laws if you are seen littering. The city has a ban on chewing gum. Remember that studying here is everything that you may want, but as long as you are abiding the simple laws here.

Immigration and Visa

You will need to apply for a Student Pass/ visa to study as an undergraduate in Singapore. Once you get your letter of acceptance, you should apply for a Student Pass with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Do keep in mind that if you require a visa to enter Singapore you should apply at least two months before your undergraduate degree is due to begin. You will need the following documents for a student visa in Singapore:
  • Two copies of Form 16, Form V36 and Form V395, completed and signed by you as well as your local sponsor
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • Your education certificates and results transcripts
  • Copies of passport pages

Exceptions to student visa

Any foreigner or international student is required to apply for a Student's Pass if he/she has been accepted by an educational institution to pursue full-time studies in Singapore, unless he/she is a:
  • Dependent’s Pass holder studying in a Government/ Government-Aided/ Independent school/ Foreign System School/ Kindergarten Childcare Centre registered with MSF;
  • Immigration Exemption Order holder; or
  • Visitor who has been granted a short term Visit Pass at the Singapore Checkpoint and wish to attend a short course that can be completed within the validity of the initial Visit Pass granted to him/her at the Singapore Checkpoint or 30 days, whichever is shorter.
However, it is mandatory that the course should be a complete module and those who want to study with multiple program modules are excluded from this Student's Pass exemption scheme. Also, under this scheme, hands-on practical occupational training and/or industrial attachment, which have interaction with walk-in customers or be conducted at premises that are also places of business, e.g. hair salons and beauty salons are not allowed.

Universities in Singapore

Singapore’s two most prominent universities are highly regarded internationally and they are National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. The government supports three other public institutions: the Singapore Management University offering courses in business management, accountancy, economics, law and the social sciences. Then there is the Singapore University of Technology and Design; and the Singapore Institute of Technology. Many private universities exist, including the SIM University that is available for part-time students, offering part-time degree programmes to working adults, although plans are to add full-time degree programmes. New foreign universities have established campuses in Singapore such as the Chicago Business School and Technische Universitat Munchen. The closing date for normal applications is in February of the year of entry.

Tuition Grant in Singapore

International students have the option of applying for a tuition grant which is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and offered to all admitted students. Students who are approved for the tuition grants need only pay subsidized fees. As a result, your cost of education goes down drastically. However, this tuition grant is not repayable, but any international students who have received it are – in common with Singapore nationals. Hence it becomes mandatory for them to work in Singapore after graduation to contribute to repayment. The period of the employment bond is longer for international students than for nationals.

For medicine and dentistry students from overseas the service bond with the Singapore Ministry of Health is usually 6 years for medicine and 5 for dentistry. For other courses international students will be required to work for a Singapore-registered company for three years after graduation. Ministry of Manpower has exempted them from applying for work permits.

Top Courses in Singapore

Tourism and Hospitality

Being the hub for tourists, tourism has emerged as one of the most sought after subjects in this country. Not only it is the home to some of the best hotels and restaurants from across the world, it is also the home to some of the finest luxuries in the hospitality industry. There are endless opportunities to work here if you study. Some of the course options here include studying tourism and hospitality at a graduate and master levels. For this, the Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) would be a good option. Formerly known as the Centre for Tourism-Related Studies (CTRS) was established in 1987 to upgrade the professionalism, service and productivity of the travel and tourism industry.

Over here, the emphasis on learning is both practical and theoretical. You will get a chance to work with some of the biggest industry names, even as you are able to move to foreign shores with a plethora of opportunities. The degrees in tourism here are accepted worldwide.

Top universities here include-

  • TMIS
  • East Asia Institute of Management or EASB
  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy
  • ERC Institute
  • James Cook University Singapore
  • Raffles College of Higher Education
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore MDIS


Being one of the leaders on the technology front, both mechanical design and manufacturing engineering along with other related courses are popular. The fundamentals of the engineering courses here include core mechanicals and materials with the design process facilitated by the knowledge of manufacturing technologies and engineering principles. The focus is completely on mechanical power for the design and development of tools, machines or structures. Students can take on courses from various engineering disciplines encompassing everything from structures, through to mechanisms, micro-electro-mechanical devices and systems for controlling complex processes. The degrees covers all aspects of manufacturing and engineering ranging from product innovation and introduction to management of operations and systems; enabling technologies and underpinning engineering science; design for manufacture; materials and processes; sensors and robotics.

Top universities here include:
  • School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • National University of Singapore
  • School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • NanYang Technological University


The architecture programs here include architecture, urban design, landscape, etc. Some of the popular courses here are Diploma in Civil Engineering and Management renamed Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business while the Diploma in Property Development and Facilities Management was restructured and renamed Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management. Singapore is currently one of the most popular and upcoming hubs for architecture of different forms. You can do your diploma, bachelors and masters here.

The landscape of the city is demanding and requires constant changes. You can take the example of the finest constructions here that are examples of world-class architecture like the Marina Bay Sands. With new hotels, buildings, malls, etc. constantly being constructed here, there is really no dearth of jobs. For any foreign student, wanting to study architecture here, there may be a need to apply for a university test too. Some universities conduct their tests online while the others do so by asking students to visit their centers. So based on your choice of university the same can be determined. The basic course or bachelors degree includes everything from laying your design foundations in the first year, to strengthening your analytical and conceptual thought processes by the third year. One can adopt a new and unique project-based learning approach and focus on latest building technologies.

Top universities here include:
  • School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • National University of Singapore
  • School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • NanYang Technological University
  • NAFA – NanYan academy of fine arts


Singapore has been holding the position at the forefront of the world economy and ranked 7th in the Global Innovation Index 2014, 3rd in IMD's 2015 World Competitiveness Ranking, and 2nd in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2014/15. It remains the home to three of the top five business schools in Asia-Pacific, according to QS’s 2014/15 regional MBA rankings. Plenty of career opportunities await those who want to pursue courses in management here with the large number of the world's leading businesses being headquartered here. High-quality global education to undergraduate and postgraduate students in a supportive and stimulating environment and providing the best technical and management courses around is the motto of the course. Management courses in Singapore are internationally recognized for world-class research and distinguished teaching. The mission is to generate leading-edge research with global impact and produce broad-based, creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy. Students benefit with a highly interactive, collaborative and project-based approach to learning, and for its technologically enabled pedagogy of seminar-style teaching in small class sizes.

The focus of the courses of management is creating business leaders who can think, decide and act in a complex environment. Not only is the unique curriculum focused on analytical skills and negotiation, leadership and communication skills – it also helps in building assets much desired by employers. Along with teaching excellence and mentorship, peer engagement with a diverse student body, and networking opportunities with industry business leaders one advantage that students get is that some of the courses can be completed in 12 months. There are also part-time management programs that are conducted on weekday evenings and selected weekends and can be completed in 18 months. Students have to give the standard exams like GMAT or GRE or other equivalent examinations to get through. Additionally, some management schools may also have separate entrance exams.

Top universities here include:
  • NanYang University
  • INSEAD Singapore
  • Manchester Business School
  • ESSEC Business School
  • SMU


Marketing is a subject that is not restricted to just selling and promotion but encompasses research and development of appropriate products. Its also about the focus on monitoring consumer demands, price policy, communication and customer service. Students opting for this course are able to understand and focus on current business trends to help maneuver their companies into the most favorable positions. Some of the aspects covered under the course are -marketing fundamentals, accounting for decision-making, economics, data analysis, customer experience, management and personal professional skills. Also, the students can then opt for masters and specialization in marketing communications, consumer behavior, international marketing, strategic marketing, public relations and interactive marketing.

Top universities here include:
  • JCU
  • Marketing Institute of Singapore
  • NUS
  • Curtin University of Technology
  • NanYang Technical University
That is not all; there are available innumerable number of courses at Under Graduate and Post Graduate level from across the Universities of Singapore. For exclusive details please visit our Singapore website
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