Study Visa and Residence Permit for Slovenia

International students may or may not require a visa to enter the Republic of Slovenia, depending upon the citizenship status, duration and purpose of visit. Read on to know about the study visa conditions and application procedure. 

Student Residence Permit and Visa Conditions

For EU Country Citizens

Students coming from EU countries do not require a visa to enter Slovenia. Such students must have a valid passport or an identity card. 

If their stay in Slovenia is for a period of less than 3 months, they are not required to register their place of residence, though they must register at the police station within 3 days of their arrival in the country.

If their stay in Slovenia is for a period of more than 3 months, in that case, they must register their place of residence at their local administrative unit. Or they may apply for residence registration certificate immediately after they arrive in the country. 

For Non-EU Country Citizens

International students, except Schengen area citizens, are required to have a visa in order to enter Slovenia. 
International students coming from non-EU countries to Slovenia for study, training or work purposes are issued a temporary residence permit or visa. 

** Citizens of Schengen area are: Czech Republic, Slovenia, Lithuania, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Latvia, Slovakia, Iceland, Estonia, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Hungary, and Malta.

Study Visa

Third country citizens, except EEA/EU country nationals and Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway, are required to get a visa in order to enter the country. They must apply for visa at their nearest Slovenia embassy or consulate. 

Individuals having a visa or a valid residence permit issued by another country that is a member of the Schengen agreement can enter Slovenia within the validity period of their visa or permit. They can stay in Slovenia for a period of not more than 3 months in 6-month duration.

Types of Visas

There are 3 kinds of visas that can be issued by the Slovenian authorities. 

Visa type A: This visa is an airport transit visa and is valid for travelling through the international transit regions of airports located on the territory of EU Countries. With this visa, you cannot enter their territory.

Visa type C: This visa is known as a uniform visa that allows the visa holders of the visa free movement all over the territory of EU member states

Visa type D: This visa is known as a long-stay visa and is issued to the third-country citizens who have to get a residence permit in Slovenia to bring together his/her family.  

Visa Application Procedure

Candidates must fill out a visa application form and submit it along with the required documents to the nearest Slovenian embassy or consulate personally. 


Following documents must be submitted along with the application form:
  • Letter of acceptance issued by the higher education institution of Slovenia
  • Travel document: A valid copy of passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Educational certificates and transcripts
  • Evidence of means of financial support: Can be bank statement for the last 6 months, sponsorship contract or scholarship. 
  • Evidence of health insurance: It should indicate the right to health facilities in the Republic of Slovenia and the duration of insurance
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Accommodation proof in Slovenia
** All the documents must be translated into the Slovene language

Validity Period

A Slovenian visa is valid for a period of 90 days in duration of 6 months.

Processing Time 

Student Residence Permit: 1 month (or more)

To know more about the visa application procedure and documentation, as well as whether you need a visa or not for Slovenia, visit the official website
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